3 pillars of BSS transformation: Agility, Customer experience, Efficiency

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3 pillars of BSS transformation: Agility, Customer experience, Efficiency
History suggests that CSPs have a pedigree of innovation and adaptation to changing dynamics. Even as consumers we have witnessed, accompanying changes in CSPs efficiency with the network, technology and the customer base. CSPs braced technologies, which made them more efficient, faster and more profitable – improvements to the customer proposition were incidental. However, evolving market dynamics and user behavior has created a consumer centricity and has made the business of CSPs more accountable. The traditional BSS cannot handle this. CSPs need to embrace digital transformation solution in totality. As emerging technologies and software becomes the lifeline of Telcos, it is important that bold investments are made and relentlessly pursued to its logical ending. Telcos will have to reimagine systems into Engagement, Record and Intelligence and reinvent their value chain with innovative partnerships and services. CSPs have to invest in a next Gen BSS system which bridges the gap between CSP’s business demands and its business support service (BSS) capability. The 3 key pillars of BSS transformation would ride on: 1.    Faster, Leaner and Agile Operations 2.    Delivering a Profitable  & Personalized Customer Experience 3.    Improving operational efficiency Let’s explore the 3 pillars: 1. Faster, Leaner and Agile Operations by decoupling the System of Engagement (Digital Experience, Omni-channel Customer Engagement) from the complexity of the System of Records (Core OSS/BSS/ERP, Real-time Service Management). Below are few points to be considered to make the platform agile and responsive
  • The architecture should be modular which helps CSPs to pick and choose components required to optimize existing investment.
  • The DevOPS based approach enables faster time-to-market as it empowers CSP to keep up with the rapid pace of delivery that users demand by breaking down silos between development and operations.
  • Integrated Policy and Charging enables CSPs to launch new monetization use cases quickly to market, increase revenue and reduce cost with single recharge and provisioning in OCS, integrated usage metering and balance management providing end-to-end visibility and control over both subscriber monetary balance and usage.
  • Centralized product catalogue consolidates product information and manages multiple catalogs to provide consistent content across all customer touch points.
  • The platform should support diverse partnership models such as Telco Interconnect, OTT, Payment Gateway, MVNO/E, Content Provider, ISP, Channel Providers etc.
2. Delivering a Profitable & Personalized Customer Experience across all touch points to provide seamless experience. Below are few points to make the platform more responsive to customer demands:
  • The platform should offer complete commerce and customer management platform designed for Telcos to completely digitize their business processes from Onboarding Customers and Partners to Payment & Service Fulfillment.
  • The Omni Commerce module ensures a consistent user experience across multiple channels (Call centre, Web Portal, SMS, Mobile App, POS, Chat Bots) with a single view of customer data.
  • The platform should enable the CSPs to delight its customers by sending right offers at the right time which helps in high offer uptake
  • The platform should have pre-integrated CRM enabling CSPs to easily manage day-to-day operations that are essential in order to create a WOW factor for customers
  • Offer users complete control and visibility of their usage in real-time with web and mobile self-care
3. Improving operational efficiency to address time to market, Network Capitalization & Operations Cost driven by Insights based on Advanced Analytics and by implementing open and scalable public API to embrace open-ecosystem. Below are few points to make the platform more efficient:
  • The Pre-integrated Approach increases efficiency and interoperability by reducing deployment time, faster plan roll-out, and reduction in hardware and storage cost
  • Support for REST APIs to connect business processes, services, content and data to channel partners, internal teams and independent developers
  • Support for Open API for seamless integration with 3rd party systems. It simplifies on-boarding new partners and adapting new services for monetization.
  • Open Source container NFV adoption to automate deployment of applications inside software containers. This will eliminate cost of OS & Hypervisor in single platform and also offer performance improvement in hardware consumption.
  • Real time Digital Analytics such as Subscriber Cluster profile, Cell-level traffic profile, Audience profile, Preference-based targeting, Campaign performance Analytics that ensures network cost optimization and revenue augmentation
OSS/BSS Solutions consists of an array of products, which enable personalization, optimization, and monetization for faster transformation. This is where Sterlite Tech is strongly positioned to enable CSPs to meet their digital transformation and innovation objectives with strong design, build and manage capabilities for complex Telco networks. With its complete portfolio of product, services and digital OSS /BSS application, it offers IT platforms that enable – reduced Capex, offers Agility in new roll outs, compatibility with hybrid ecosystem, and offers ease of integration with existing and future platforms. To know more Click Here

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