A leading optical and digital solutions company.

STL is a leading global optical and digital solutions company providing advanced offerings to build 5G, Rural, FTTx, Enterprise and Data Centre networks. The company, driven by its purpose of ‘Transforming Billions of Lives by Connecting the World’, designs and manufactures in 4 continents with customers in more than 100 countries. Telecom operators, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises recognize and rely on STL for advanced capabilities in Optical Connectivity, Global Services, and Digital and Technology solutions to build ubiquitous and future-ready digital networks. STL’s business goals are driven by customer-centricity, R&D and sustainability. Championing sustainable manufacturing, the company has committed to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030. With top talent from 30+ nationalities, STL has earned numerous 'Great Place to Work' awards and been voted as the 'Best Organisation for Women'.

STL has a strong global presence in India, Italy, the UK, the US, China, and Brazil. Read more, Contact us.

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Let us take you through

Our incredible journey of STL's incredible journey years

  1. journey 1988


    Humble Beginnings, Bold Ambition

    With a dream to take India to the technological forefront, Anil Agarwal established a copper cable manufacturing unit in Aurangabad, India - the early beginnings of what would become STL.

  2. journey 1993


    Entering the World of Optical Fibre

    To fuel growing aspirations as a technology pioneer, STL established an optical fibre cable manufacturing unit in Silvassa, expanding STL’s capabilities as well as its horizons.

  3. journey 1995


    The First Chapter in the STL25 Story

    We established our first optical fibre plant in Aurangabad, India - a move that would define STL’s identity for the next 25 years.

  4. journey 2004


    A Growing Portfolio of Customer Needs

    To fulfil ever-evolving customer needs, a data cable manufacturing unit was set-up in Dadra, adding breadth to STL’s growing portfolio. The unit remains one of India’s most advanced speciality cable manufacturing facilities, to this day.

  5. journey 2012


    Making Inroads Globally

    Expanding our global footprint, STL’s first overseas manufacturing unit was set up in Haimen City, China. The greenfield facility was a result of a joint venture between STL and Jiangsu Tongguang Communication Co. Ltd. (TGCl), to fulfil China’s 100 million fkm annual demand for optical fibre.

  6. journey 2013


    Next Destination, Brazil

    Furthering our global strategy of building complementary partnerships in key geographical locations, STL formed a joint venture with Conduspar Condutores Eletricos Ltda. to establish a second overseas manufacturing unit in Curitiba, Brazil.

  7. journey 2015


    Becoming An End-to-End Solutions Provider

    With the acquisition of Elitecore Technologies, STL’s goal was to diversify beyond the infrastructure vertical, and provide end-to-end solutions to its Telco partners. This allowed STL to offer industry leading software solutions for operations support, business support, and revenue management.

  8. journey 2017


    Building a Future-ready STL

    At STL, Innovation is in our DNA. To research and build accessible network technologies of the future, STL set up ‘Centre for Smarter Networks’ at Gurgaon, India. The centre is a part of STL’s growing list of innovation centres, which have collectively contributed to 376 patents over the years.

  9. journey 2018


    Italy Comes Calling

    In line with STL’s identity as an end-to-end global technology leader and integrator of digital networks, STL acquired Metallurgica Bresciana - an Italian specialised optical cable manufacturer. The move greatly augmented our access to strategic European markets and opened new pathways for STL.

  10. journey 2019


    Made in India, for the World

    With a vision to make India the digital capital of the world, STL undertook various strategic initiatives in 2019:

    Building one of the world’s largest greenfield semiconductor-grade optical fibre preform plants - Gauav, in Aurangabad, India.
    Acquisition of UK-based Impact Data Solutions (IDS) to strengthen our design and deployment offerings for hyper scale data centres
    Strategic partnerships with various entities like TIP, ONAP, O-RAN, and ONF to create higher-speed, lower cost, more secure, programmable, and more reliable networks for the future.
  11. journey 2020


    Converging Networks for the Market

    STL made yet another strategic investment in ASOCS - a developer of open, disruptive, and virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) solutions, delivering 4G and 5G for cellular networks. This allows STL to offer end-to-end capabilities for a converged network, i.e. both wireless and wireline, and deliver full-stack solutions to enterprise and telco customers.

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World’s first integrated optical fibre producure
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Health : Mobile Medical Unit
Environment : Jaldoot, Greenbelt
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Rural India (Pilot across 3 states) for digital readiness
27% increase in internet usage
76.2% women using supplementary education
50% more usage of Govt. Apps
8.7 average user rating
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Client Opinions & Reviews

Steve Karistianis,Project Director - Strategic and Major Projects Vocus
Sterlite has amazing world class facilities that are driven by passionate people that have immense pride to achieve the best outcomes for their customers
Randeep Singh Sekhon,CTO Bharti Airtel
I am excited to see this optical fibre innovation from a homegrown company.
Kevin Russell,Group CEO Vocus Group
STL's optical solutions provide an efficient path for Vocus to upgrade and support higher capacity wavelengths at lower incremental costs
Susanne Stengade,CEO 6X
We have been working with STL for the last 5 years and we have grown a tremendous business together. The partnership has worked out amazing for us.
Kurt Pleysier,Business Manager Wirewave
We really like the team in Italy, the team in the UK, which is giving us great support. We really appreciate the professionalism which is behind the STL logo. The great thing about STL is their vertical integration.