Work Order Management

Manage Work Order Efficiently from Start to Finish
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In today’s cost competitive world, it is important for operators to effectively plan human resource allocation to projects and day to day task to ensure highest productivity and serve their customer requests in an efficient way. With so many players, complexities in the order management system make it harder for operators to provide end-to-end integration resulting in delays and snags from order entry to order fulfillment.

Workforce Management manages human resources and customer/business related operations efficiently. This software can help plan and automatically handle the dispatch of activities, manage the field force requirements and availability, generate efficient reports to forecast and schedule strategies.

Work Force Management will include elements of:

  • Demand management
  • Workforce scheduler
  • Work Force Engine
  • Notification
  • Mobile solutions

  • Work Order Assignment: It supports rule based auto assignment, support of manual assignment and support of re-assignment.
  • Notifications: WFM supports various notifications like Notification To Supervisor, Notification To IIMC, Notification To Team to provide regular updates through Email and SMS for tracking a work order.
  • Easy accessibility with Web based and Android based applications: Web application provides an interface for users working at remote office locations, whereas the Android application provides interface for field service technicians performing tasks at customer’s end.
  • Tracking through Single platform: Workforce Management allows easy tracking of every activity performed by resources through a single platform.
  • Highly Flexible: Facilitates the flexibility approach through one-time configurations.
  • Easy order tracking and plan scheduling: Using this software, users can track work orders, manage teams and availability providing customer end services execution on scheduled plan.
  • Work Order Configuration: With Work Force Management, operators can easily configure their work orders to manage screens, manage fields and work flow configuration.
STL Order Management Architecture