Wi-Fi Monetization Framework

Boost Customer Acquisition, Data Usage and Quality of Experience across Wi-Fi Network with Location-based Services and Subscriber Analytics
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Telecom operators today want to increase revenue growth in the Wi-Fi business by improving quality of service, data usage and customer acquisition. They want a framework which has the flexibility to be applied across all Wi-Fi models to fulfill operators Wi-Fi revenue strategy.

Operators should opt for a comprehensive solution with enhanced features enabling them to monetize from their Wi-Fi offerings and let them deliver differential & innovative services over Wi-Fi ecosystem over and above the varied business models to hasten value and rapidly change their monetizing landscape.

Accessible as a part of standard Wi-Fi dervice management platform (SMP), Wi-Fi monetization framework is the valuable business enabler and perfect fit for operators which help them improve quality of service, data usage and customer acquisition, provide subscriber intelligence to launch premium services, optimize location results in Wi-Fi networks and support personalized use cases leading to revenue growth in Wi-Fi business for telecom operators.

  • Leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure by rolling out additional services through Wi-Fi monetization framework and hence generate revenue opportunities and reduce churn
  • Converged pre-integrated platform to offer multiple cost effective techniques for seamless and secure on board to Wi-Fi
  • Support several methodologies to support location identification and hence deliver better, richer and dynamic content in real time
  • Help creating customer pull and visibility by enabling them with dynamic and instantaneous location specific information and access to relevant promotional offers, venue specific Ad insertion, etc.
  • Enables faster engagement with user by two way communication through easy connect mobile app
  • Enrich customer experience with enhanced satisfaction and loyalty by offering personalized and customized services as per user needs and preferences
  • Location based services enables operators with accurate location identification with positioning (more precise then GPS) and target users to a much smaller areas down to units of meters by better understanding their target market
  • Help to identify the historical trends and usage patterns with operational effectiveness through subscriber analytics and accordingly launch new monetizing plans and improve business efficiency
  • Generate new revenue streams by partnerships with location specific partners and creating brand affinity through promotions for on premise customer visibility
STL, a global provider of Wi-Fi service management platform (SMP) announces the launch of Wi-Fi monetization framework comprising:
  • Smart connectivity
  • Location based services
  • Location capture
  • Location identification
  • Subscriber analytics
  • Revenue generator