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Optical Connectivity Solutions

In this era of digitization, data has the power to change the world.
While data continues to fuel innovation and technological
advancement, the world has started to witness unprecedented
growth in internet connectivity.

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Hyper-Scale Networks

The world is going hyperscale. Hyperscale networks will create
superfast digital highways, fuel digital revolution and connect
billions of humans and devices. Hyperscale networks demand
massive fiberization.

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Next-Generation Scalable Network

With an aim to create multi-gigabit access networks, Telcos and
Enterprises across the globe are looking to build converged data
networks that are reliable, scalable, resilient, and can support
wireless and wired connectivity

Future–Generation Enterprise Networks

Aging networks create several challenges - including lesser revenue,
higher failure rates, lack of standardisation, interoperability, and
compromised network security. Legacy networks severely limit the
ability to respond to changing customer expectations, and hence
reduce the business opportunities.

Optical fibre breaks collection procedure for break source analysis

Optical fibre breaks collection procedure for break source analysis

This application note briefly introduces optical fiber break source analysis (BSA) and explains procedure for collecting fiber break ends and other relevant information for BSA.

When a certain tension is applied, optical fiber breaks at the lowest strength point. Proof testing is a common technique to ensure optical fiber has some minimum strength and eliminate flaws whose sizes are dependent on the stress applied during proof testing. In proof testing, predetermined load is applied on fiber by tensile loading. The fiber breaks at the weak points and the weak parts are eliminated from the fiber. Optical fiber used in telecommunication is proof tested at 1% strain, which is equivalent to 700 MPa stress and corresponds to a surface flaw size of approximately 0.85 pm. Therefore proof testing with 1% strain eliminates surface flaws above 0.85 pm