Programmable FTTx: Readiness for a virtualised access network

Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 10:00 AM IST / 5:30 AM London


The demand for a software-defined, converged, last-mile access infrastructure has grown significantly in the last few years. The experts' point of view is that this technology adoption will pave the way for 5G fronthaul transformation, large-scale IoT adoption, and will establish the use cases for edge cloud deployments.

But how far has the technology matured?

Has the software-enabled access network moved beyond the experimentation cycle and reached any stage of production readiness?

Is it ready to take forward and used for paving the way for a massive agile network transformation at the last mile?

This webinar deals with these questions and more. As a leader in data networking solutions, STL has engineered a programmable FTTx solution portfolio, teamed up with ecosystem partners and validated the suitability of the technology to field environments. The observations and insights gathered in the course of engineering the solution, hardening it and subjecting it to field trials will be the key topics of the webinar discussion.


Saurabh Chattopadhyay

Strategy Technology Lead

Saurabh is currently spearheading the product & solution engineering for Programmable FTTx portfolio at STL. He has 20+ years of experience, has been driving telecom-aligned innovation centers and research & development activities in various technology areas. In his previous role at one of the top 5 global engineering service providers, he was responsible for developing next-generation engineering strategy to augment software-defined service delivery capabilities for OEMs, platform vendors and service provider customers. Prior to that, Saurabh had contributed to niche research & development work in two other engineering organizations.

He has been contributing to the development of next-generation technology specifications at IETF, ONF and ETSI, invented multiple patents, evangelized value propositions in global forums across diverse technology areas.

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