Marketplace Model - The Digital Economy Catalyst for CSPs

Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 1:00 PM IST / 8:30 AM London


Clearly the capacity driven model in Telcos/CSPs isn’t working anymore. Telcos/CSPs risk driving themselves into obsolescence by persisting with existing business models. Disruptive trends like Platformization, growing demand for OTT & other digital services and evolution of Marketplace models to lend itself to various complex use cases are the directions to pursue for Telcos/CSPs. 

In this webinar STL and ET Telecom will address key related questions:

  • Evolution of Marketplace models
  • Technology/process/people considerations in adopting Marketplace models
  • How focusing on change management and execution is still the key to seamless adoption of marketplace models in a Telco/CSP environment?


Mr. Shantanu Kulkarni

Head of Network Software

Shantanu has more than two decades of experience in the Telecom Domain. He is obsessed with creating products and solutions at the pace of business and technology.

Currently, he heads the Software Technology Unit for STL, responsible for Product Management, Product Marketing, and all aspects of Software Product suite development for STL. Prior to this, he was leading the R&D division of Amdocs India. He has also led delivery projects end to end from ground up to production, migration for Tier 0 level customers. He has been conducting training sessions across different organization on telecom and management, especially on the topics of telecom technology, enriching stake holder relationship, customer interaction workshops, and innovation.

He is deeply passionate about championing the topic of 5G, WiFi6, new age Telecom monetization and the evolving landscape of open digital architecture.

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Mr. Shantanu Kulkarni

Head of Network Software


Seldon Benjamin

Principal Solutions Architect (MEA)


Sudipta Bhaumik

Head - Applications and Standards Engineering


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