Design Networks that Accelerate Digital Future

Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 8:30 PM IST / 4:00 PM London


Unprecedented data explosion will fuel massive network expansion, myriad use cases and multi-fold traffic increase. Networks would need to become more intelligent, agile, well-orchestrated and cost effective.

The world is going hyperscale and Networks of Tomorrow are coming sooner than we think!

Network design innovation is an imperative to create the digital future that we read about. Network design is all pervasive and it impacts everything from user experience to network economics.

Tune into this webinar to hear about the most disruptive ideas in the field of network design.

In this webinar, Himanshu Kumar – Technical Head, Services Business, Sterlite Tech will talk about:

·       How hyper connectivity will define the new normal of network design

·       The indisputable role of network design innovation in networks of tomorrow and its cascading impact on digital ecosystem

·       Achieving smartly converged and simply controlled networks through innovations at the physical layer

·       Leveraging best minds and futuristic technology to achieve network design excellence for emerging business needs.


Himanshu Kumar

Head Technical - Network Solutions

A technology professional with 20 years of experience in Network Planning, Design, Execution and Management of large scale Telecom and Enterprise Network. His passion lies in creating new use case for technology innovation with an intent to transform the lives of people.


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Himanshu Kumar

Technical Head, Network Solutions,


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