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Shrirang Bapat

Chief Technology Officer – Software BU

Sterlite Technologies

Gigabit Wired and Wireless Convergence

60:00Published on 12 Apr 2019

Rajesh Gangadhar

Head - Wireless Broadband Converged Platforms

Sterlite Technologies

PoE: Adding Power to (IoT)∞

60:00Published on 20 Dec 2018

Mohammad Shahid Khan

Chief Manager - PLM & Applications Engineering (Specialty Cables)

Sterlite Technologies

Design Networks that Accelerate Digital Future

60:00Published on 19 Dec 2018

Himanshu Kumar

Head Technical - Network Solutions

Sterlite Technologies

Cracking the code of SDN

60:00Published on 27 Sep 2018


CEO - Software Business

Sterlite Technologies

Hyperscale Network Modernization

60:00Published on 11 Sep 2018

KS Rao

CEO - Services Business

Sterlite Technologies

FTTx- Fibre to the eXponential

60:00Published on 25 Jul 2018

Dr. Badri Gomatam

Chief Technology Officer

Sterlite Tech

Road to 5G built on Fibre

60:00Published on 14 Jun 2018

Ankit Agarwal

CEO - Telecom Business

Sterlite Technologies