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In this era of digitization, data has the power to change the world.
While data continues to fuel innovation and technological
advancement, the world has started to witness unprecedented
growth in internet connectivity.

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Hyper-Scale Networks

The world is going hyperscale. Hyperscale networks will create
superfast digital highways, fuel digital revolution and connect
billions of humans and devices. Hyperscale networks demand
massive fiberization.

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Next-Generation Scalable Network

With an aim to create multi-gigabit access networks, Telcos and
Enterprises across the globe are looking to build converged data
networks that are reliable, scalable, resilient, and can support
wireless and wired connectivity

Future–Generation Enterprise Networks

Aging networks create several challenges - including lesser revenue,
higher failure rates, lack of standardisation, interoperability, and
compromised network security. Legacy networks severely limit the
ability to respond to changing customer expectations, and hence
reduce the business opportunities.

VoLTE Solution

Cost-Effective, More Efficient Networks for Delivering Voice Services
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With the increasing demand for data, the telecom industry is inclining towards IMS based Voice Over LTE (VoLTE), and data applications for customer experience enhancement. With VoLTE – operators can offer voice, video and messaging services under one offering.

LTE RCM Platform, equipped with 3GPP standard based VoLTE interfaces,with carrier-grade, reliable and scalable PCRF enables CSPs to launch HD-quality VoLTE services. Its NetVertex policy manager is specifically designed to deliver further than basic features of policy control such as QoS Prioritization based on the urgency of the call, alternative voice support, etc.

  • Highly Reliable and Scalable PCRF
    • Dedicated bearers for every session to ensure guaranteed QoS
    • To ensure high reliability for voice calls, the 3GPP compliant PCRF supports two-way geo-redundancy and both Gx/Rx session continuity for local and geo-redundant failovers.
    • Alternative voice support support for both - Circuit Switch Fallback (CSFB) and Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) in case of fallback
    • Emergency call prioritization QoS prioritization, in case of emergency call, is ensured by PCRF, irrespective of subscriber's existing data plan
  • 3GPP Standard Based VoLTE Interfaces
    • Rx (EPS) Rx is policy › control interface between IMS and PCRF responsible for guaranteed QoS by enabling IMS for accessing dedicated bearer.
    • Ro (IMS) Ro is the online charging interface between IMS entities and the Online OCS.
    • Standalone PCRF CSP can opt for 3GPP based PCRF next generation, proven, Scalable and Carrier Grade dynamic policy manager, to offer high quality VoLTE Services which is also available on cloud and NFV ready giving operators the Agility and Speed needed to roll VoLTE services without disturbing existing services.
    • Interoperable with Existing Systems Sterlite Tech's VoLTE Solution is interoperable with the existing systems enabling in quick roll out of high quality VOLTE service, leveraging existing investment.
    • Global Roaming Support VoLTE enables global roaming support with guaranteed QoS to the subscriber. VoLTE solution can discover the roaming subscriber's location and apply specific policy rules and provide QoS.
  • Industry Standard Supported
    • 3GPP Release 11 Compliant
    • IPv6 support
    • SOA Compliant web services for integration with operators' IT Eco system
  • Operators can offer multimedia communication service like video with voice, messaging and data as all-in-one plan to the subscribers and enhance their subscriber experience
  • VoLTE solution has the ability to integrate specific functions, including the reduction of interfaces, with LTE functions, IMS functions, and policy functions
  • VoLTE solution provides seamless continuity, both within the IMS domain and between the IMS and circuit domains, including CSFB and SR-VCC
  • VoLTE uses less bandwidth than OTT application. It also occupies fewer resources as compared to OTT applications. This will reduce the CSPs OPEX and help those better services to the subscribers
  • With the added advantages of VoLTE over voice calls Subscribers will opt LTE. The subscriber base growth will help the CSPs to get the best RoI of their heavy investments in LTE license and infrastructure setup