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Rapid convergence of data, voice and video services is placing immense pressure on service providers, both on the technological and marketing fronts. Traditional voice services are increasingly becoming commoditised, with new opportunities on value added services and data services on voice are driving revenues. For service providers, value added and new generation services are the new frontier.

Voice Solution represents more than just an outsourced OSS/BSS. It addresses the complexities of today's networks and systems, as well as the operational and customer care components required for successful voice services. We offers a real time service enabling solution allowing mobile operators to provide advanced data and content service for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. With voice solutions you can:

  • Increase incremental revenue per customer and strengthen customer loyalty through special bundling and pricing packages.
  • Support current and future video, voice and data services on a single platform.
  • Leverage existing investments in technology to lower the total cost of ownership.


  • Rules based convergent mediation, a carrier-grade platform, enables service providers to integrate prepaid and postpaid services, support for multiple network devices (MSSC, SMSC, SGSN, GGSN) It integrates new and legacy billing systems.
  • We provisioning supports HTTP/SOAP, MML, XML & TCP/IP. It provides the tools to monitor provisioning requests ensuring service order requirements and seamless integration with number and SIM management.
  • Convergent rating and charging with support for unlimited rating schemes over multiple metrics based on duration, usage, location, discounts, multi-zone functionality, peak/off peak rates, charging for CUG/F&F, shared plan, event based and more.
  • It enables convergence by providing time/volume based rating for data and VAS services which can be free and chargeable, over voice platform (GPRS/EDGE).
  • Enables prepaid-postpaid convergence at rating and call control. Rating engine can interface with the 3rd party network element OSS like HP OSAC and thus enabling support of several proprietary SCPs & MSCs. Real-time alerts can be configured for insufficient balance messages.
  • Itemized billing with custom messages in bill format and consolidation of usage charges in bill, and hot billing support.
  • Our customer management offers complete control over billing and customer care with a single view of prepaid and postpaid. It enables real time credit control for subscribers, integration with number management for number association.
  • Our SIM and number management system supports end to end number and SIM management, including number portability, SIM order management, vanity number management, and number lifecycle management.
  • Our partner management allows service providers to create, manage multiple partners; Partner based Multiple destination based rate plans, Partner web self care, store business policies interconnect management with statements, invoices, reconciliation and credit notes, settlement reports, dispute handling and revenue sharing mechanism thereby allowing full management of service providers business with partners.


  • Flexibility in meditation and rating is achieved through rule based mediation. The rating engine also has dynamic rules which take care of global promotion schemes or those for specific segments of subscribers. It is also highly scalable.
  • Real-time convergent mediation platform transmits accurate information from various network elements to downstream BSS components. It tracks data records from the mediation to the billing process. This helps in monitoring and eliminating usage, rating, billing errors, thereby arresting revenue leakage. The rating engine can also re-rate or reprocess usage records in the event of a discrepancy.
  • Voice Solution allows the CSP to launch novel revenue generating packages, allows them to differentiate themselves by allowing them to create fine market segmentation, attracting and retaining high value customers. Prepaid-postpaid convergence gives CSP flexibility to offer different promotional schemes to users with ease.
  • Speed and flexibility to make rapid changes in offers, implement and market them help to retain competitive advantage. Rapid enabling of new partner agreements and business relationships by a flexible OSS/BSS which supports service providers in adding novel content to their existing portfolio.