We help Telcos become future-ready

For connecting each customer with latest
digital applications and ensuring better
user experience

We help Cloud Companies innovate
with intelligent edge

For enabling future applications and
immersive content by bringing compute,
storage and connectivity to the edge

Optical Connectivity Solutions

In this era of digitization, data has the power to change the world.
While data continues to fuel innovation and technological
advancement, the world has started to witness unprecedented
growth in internet connectivity.

Lead 360
Hyper-Scale Networks

The world is going hyperscale. Hyperscale networks will create
superfast digital highways, fuel digital revolution and connect
billions of humans and devices. Hyperscale networks demand
massive fiberization.

Fttx Mantra
Next-Generation Scalable Network

With an aim to create multi-gigabit access networks, Telcos and
Enterprises across the globe are looking to build converged data
networks that are reliable, scalable, resilient, and can support
wireless and wired connectivity

Future–Generation Enterprise Networks

Aging networks create several challenges - including lesser revenue,
higher failure rates, lack of standardisation, interoperability, and
compromised network security. Legacy networks severely limit the
ability to respond to changing customer expectations, and hence
reduce the business opportunities.


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Allow seamless transition to access new features

Using the latest version of a software gives competitive-edge and offers enormous business and operational benefits to CSPs. STL’s Upgrade-as-a-Service (UaaS) enables CSPs to seamlessly transit to the latest version of STL software and gives them access to new features.

STL’s structured approach to upgrading service allows CSPs to realize the full potential of a software upgrade by enabling access to new technology, features and functionality; lowering maintenance cost of the older solution; reducing time-to-market for new services; providing competitive-edge & superior customer satisfaction; and strengthening future upgrade capability.