Udayan, STL’s Open Innovation Challenge

Udayan, STL’s Open Innovation Challenge, is born of the collaboration between STL, AGNIi - a Government of India backed innovation platform to encourage innovation, Startup India, Invest India and India’s innovation ecosystem to co-create solutions and find breakthrough innovations for solving customer problems and telecom industry challenges.

In the 2019 edition, we had posed four problem statements in the optical fibre deployment domain and invited path-breaking ideas & solutions that challenge conventional methods to tackle them. Through this Open Innovation Challenge, we connected with numerous innovators from across India and developed our co-creation model for innovative solutions with them. For our six finalists, we are currently supporting each and every one of them to get access to business orders, projects as well as grants from the industry. Some of the innovations could unlock values of up to 50% reduction in surveillance costs and 100% increase in productivity of the OFC network.

With opportunities and businesses multiplying exponentially, innovation stands as the only differentiator – be it people, processes, products or technologies. STL is totally committed to be the agent of change that drives not only creation but also rapid adoption of innovation. We constantly endeavour to support and mentor startups, to find solutions, and our Centre of Excellence expedites their field adoption. We are always eager to make the biggest impact with the smallest of augments to our solutions. Udayan goes a long way in establishing STL’s commitment towards encouraging innovation in India and proving that innovative solutions can drive significant efficiencies and impacts in project deliveries.

Startup India
8 States
innovation,outside-in innovation
20+ Towns
Invest India
45 Applications
ecosystem partnership
32 Proposals
Make in India
16 Shortlists
talent engagement
6 Finalists

Stars of Udayan 1.0


Cabling by Longitudinal Vibrations

Resonance works on disruptive concept such as longitudinal vibrations, computed in amplitude for transmission of vibrations, very useful in blowing cables for telecom networks

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Autonomous Drones for Surveillance

Vecros Technologies is an aerial robotics company that develops autonomous software to navigate drones on guided paths

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Horizontal Auger Boring

Tekorange Motersport manufactures mechanical equipment such as Hydraulic Power Pack Machine, Earth Auger Drill, Mini Tunnel Boring Machine and Automatic Plate Cleaning Machine, etc.

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Service Quality Assurance and Automated Audit System

Reword Technologies
develops AI & data analytics to solve problems particularly in Agriculture, Weather Monitoring, and Security & Surveillance

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IOT Passive Box Access Control

InfinityBeam IOT Labs
develops mobile solutions that provide real-time 24x7 remote monitoring & sensing and eliminates human interference

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Intelligent Coins for Surveillance

SenseGiz Technologies
designs IoT products for enterprise, security and real time tracking applications

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