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Technologies of the future are almost here. Not only we are able to stream Netflix in HD but in Ultra HD, 4K resolution, and very soon we would be able to toy around with possibilities of connected cars, live VR gaming and connected devices powering enterprises globally.

But all of these require huge amounts of data. This exponential rise in data generation has increased demand for Hyperscale data centres which need massive, ultra-high speed connectivity. This connectivity can be achieved via extremely high-count optical fibre connections that can provide the speed, latency and agility needed for such massive connectivity.

With rising fibre density, industry is grappling with challenges of - Increasing size of optical cables making handling difficult - Fibre counts in the range of 1000s, make installation time taking

Maximizes Duct Space Utilization 2x more fibre

Duct space plays a crucial role in efficient network deployments. Ducts currently available are typically 1.5” or 2” wide, which is not enough to deploy the standard high-fibre count cables needed for high-capacity networks. This leaves the operators with the only option of duct replacement, a process that is cumbersome, costly and time-consuming.

With a unique design and innovative ribbonizing technology, this issue can be solved by offering high packing density — twice the amount of fibre as compared to legacy — in small diameter cable. High fibre count cables can easily be pulled or blown into existing ducts, eliminating the need for duct replacement.

First time right splice 4x reduced installation time Faster to market

Technicians dealing with the deployment challenges of high fibre count cables often express the need for identification, furcation and stripping -friendly cable. STL’s TruRibbon® enables easy identification with printable ribbons, first-time right splicing and quick installation. This can reduce installation cost by almost 35% when compared to legacy ribbon cables. Also, the solution ensures full backward compatibility with legacy ribbon, using existing equipment and toolkits.

TruRibbonTM More Fibre, Less Space

TruRibbonTM, a fully backward-compatible ribbon cable from STL’s optical design solutions, powers data centres by achieving speed, latency and agility for high-capacity networks. Redefining the traditional ribbon cables, this disruptive solution is an answer to all deployment and flexibility challenges. TruRibbon boasts of an innovative design that ensures optimum performance and great cost savings.

  • Increased data transmission by packing more fibre in existing duct space
  • Reduced deployment time and optimized costs as a result of easy identification and first-time right furcation, stripping and splicing while installation
  • Full backward compatibility with legacy ribbon, using existing equipment and toolkits

Experience the superlative design made for not just a better tomorrow, but for a future beyond tomorrow.

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