Increasingly complex networks in the age of simplifying customer experiences

Telecom industry is expanding networks to build better infrastructure for future technologies like,5G, IoT, Smart cites etc. Consequentially, a situation of increasingly complex networks and assortment of technologies is rapidly emerging. In such a landscape with so many moving parts, the ability to keep track of them and their management is imperative and a potential nightmare.

Challenges to building robust O&M models for complex networks:

With network designers, developers, telecom engineers and whole teams engrossed in developing solutions to make networks 5G ready, they have collectively been confronted with the following challenges thwarting their efforts so far

  • Decentralised control over network resources
  • Random assortment of passive components across the network
  • Challenging management of optical fiber tapping points & joint closure placed in underground networks

An intelligent approach to ensuring efficient network operations & maintenance

Wheteher you are concerned about cost of ownership, unhindered exchange of data, network availability, spectrum regulation or throughput, we have answers to all. Some of our key features that solve your problems are:

  • Centralised software defined control over entire network and command & control centre monitoring
  • Merge access with edge to solve latency
  • Passive inventory management solution to track all passive components on real-time basis
  • Introduction of new generation of manhole intrusion detection system to track access to manholes and underground networks in real time

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