Fast and efficient networks build for Greenfield and Brownfield projects

Fibre optics technology is the backbone of network infrastructure and a communication medium to provide higher bandwidth and speed for current and emerging technologies. Considering the data usage proliferation trends extensive fiberisation to create hyperscale networks cannot be ruled out. These hyperscale networks are envisioned to create superfast digital highways, accelerate digital revolution and connect billions of humans. With the impending network augmentation to 5G and industrial IOT, a massive upgrade will be required for the existing OFC network.

Hyperscale fiberisation requires an innovative approach

There is a need to operate a reliable network with minimal latency and interruptions. The multi-layered fiberisation projects are complex and are largely driven by unorganised players with unskilled labour, lack of proper planning, surveys and intricate RoW process.

We plan, design, deploy and manage high-capacity converged fibre and wireless networks.

We provide a robust fibre supported backhaul solution to deliver on the promise of seamless high speed connectivity and low latency. With expertise ranging from optical fibre and cables, hyper-scale network design, deployment and network software, we are the industry's leading integrated solution provider for global data networks.

Our Features:

  1. Deep fibre understanding
  2. Effective management of fibre lifespan
  3. Turnkey project execution
  4. Stage wise excellence delivered with 360 degree robust operations
  5. Robust program and process management
  6. Automated workflow orchestration
  7. Cutting-edge technology
  8. Geo technical survey, Digital and new age tools
  9. Best people process matrix
  10. Upto 30% enhanced productivity with STL academy
  11. In-house digitisation and automation tools
  12. Converged network planning tool
  13. Leading industry GIS based service delivery platform
  14. Real time platform for updates

We deliver miles after miles of flawless fibre roll outs


  1. Hassle free deployment
  2. Cost optimisation
  3. Faster network deployment
  4. Right first time solution
  5. 4x reduction in fibre cuts

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