We live in an age where technologies such as AI, ML, pervasive computing, big data, etc. have become common parlance. While there is huge potential to employ technology for the good of all, the flip-side also holds huge potential for massive devastation. In light of this, protection of individuals as well as assets from rapidly evolving threats has been a growing trend. This is a major driver of the development of new age security solutions. Among other factors are the increasing awareness among consumers regarding security concerns and their willingness to spend on security systems, which are driving growth in the market. Proliferation of smart city initiatives accross the globe is paving the way for growth opportunities

With widespread adoption of security systems bearing a crucial responsibility of safeguarding the interests of individuals, businesses and governments, it has become important that these systems work as expected. However, current security solutions have the following shortcomings associated with them:

  • High cost of maintenance & total cost of ownership
  • False triggers and alarms
  • Inability to adapt to rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape
  • Misaligned planning and deployment of security measures across the physical and digital assetbase.

Our holistic security solutions are tailormade to address the rapidly intertwined world of cyber and physical security. We provide state-of-the-art cyber and physical solutions across the entire spectrum of your security requirements. We endeavour to leverage our highly skilled talent-pool and cutting edge technology to redefine security solutions for you. Here's how we ensure your safety through our range of solutions:

  • Full technology development, operations, and support for IT and critical infrastructure
  • Comprehensive physical security solution covering access control, video surveillance, and sensor-enabled detection
  • Integrated cybersecurity solution development to enable network and data protection, intrusion detection, malware prevention, and proactive incident response
  • Real-time monitoring from an integrated command & control centre and threat to response action orchestration