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Optical Connectivity Solutions

In this era of digitization, data has the power to change the world.
While data continues to fuel innovation and technological
advancement, the world has started to witness unprecedented
growth in internet connectivity.

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Hyper-Scale Networks

The world is going hyperscale. Hyperscale networks will create
superfast digital highways, fuel digital revolution and connect
billions of humans and devices. Hyperscale networks demand
massive fiberization.

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Next-Generation Scalable Network

With an aim to create multi-gigabit access networks, Telcos and
Enterprises across the globe are looking to build converged data
networks that are reliable, scalable, resilient, and can support
wireless and wired connectivity

Future–Generation Enterprise Networks

Aging networks create several challenges - including lesser revenue,
higher failure rates, lack of standardisation, interoperability, and
compromised network security. Legacy networks severely limit the
ability to respond to changing customer expectations, and hence
reduce the business opportunities.

ICT & Power Infrastructure for Inside DC Connectivity

As newer technologies shape up Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, ICT infrastructure teams will be required to provide networks that are faster, carry high capacities, and are capable of keeping data processing close to the network’s edge rather than on a centralized server. Increase in Internet penetration and rise in the adoption of digital services have led to an exponential rise in the volume of data generated. The increasing volumes of data generated globally and a need for better infrastructure solutions is fuelling the demand for Data Centre structured cabling. Over the next five years, the expanding edge computing environment featuring greater processing power, storage and other advanced capabilities will establish robust communications back to centralized services.

Here is how we create smart infrastructure for our customers

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Design Data Centres for performance that amazes

Data Centre Infrastructure | One of the largest cloud companies

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Build super-engineered  Data Centres, super fast

Integration of ICT & Containment solutions | Optimised build-time

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Crack the code for seamless Data Centre networking

Futuristic & secure Data Centre ecosystem | Data Centres for Defence

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Explore our ICT & Power Infrastructure solutions

We, at STL, specialise in infrastructure builds for hyperscale Data Centres, right from conceptualising network and infrastructure design to white and grey space installation to containment solutions, power and cabling infrastructure. We take complete ownership of projects and provide expert advice to deliver optimum solutions. Our ability to ensure speed and quality can guarantee your environment is ready and available for you when you need it. We follow the latest standards and ensure that our installation practices are of the highest quality. Our technicians provide a high level of technical understanding of racking, stacking and patching equipment under the client’s guidance. We are accredited partners to CommScope, Corning Cable Systems, Chatsworth Products Int, Vulcan Global, Panduit, Belden, Leviton, APC, Geist, and Raritan.

Structured Cabling Infrastructure
STL installs and maintains an extensive portfolio of high-performance fibre and copper cables for your structured cabling needs. We supply and install products from all of the market leaders in the cabling industry. Our experience in copper and fibre deployment ensures complete peace of mind for our customers and guaranteed results for mission critical connectivity. Our product comes with advantages such as cost-effectiveness, enhanced airflow & flexibility, reduced risk of downtime and congestion, among others. Our structured cabling services include installation and termination of fibre optic cables ranging from OM1 to OM5, OS1 & OS2, and copper cable ranging from Cat3 to Cat7A.
Electrical infrastructure
We provide complete solutions from feasibility to design and onto installation. Our electrical infrastructure solutions are for both within office and data centre environments, with installations up to 400,000 volts.Our installation team will not only work on full electrical installations but also installation of final connections such as cabinets whips and PDUs and minor modifications. Along with the installation we will also provide fully compliant certification for all electrical installations which can be incorporated within site Operation and Maintenance manuals for future reference.
Design & Consultancy
Our CAD designers can help design and consult on white space into a complete site with rack locations, overhead / under floor containment, HAC’s, CAC’s and with connectivity pathways. We can generate side elevations for customers to show fill rates for baskets and advise our customers on future proofing their pathways. Our electrical design & consultancy services include electrical power design, electrical resilience and capacity calculations, feasibility and discrmination studies, CCTV and access control design, and BMS installation & upgradation.
Security & Access Control
We understand that sites have to be both digitally and physically secured as Data Centres hold sensitive or proprietary information, such as customer data or intellectual property. Our physical security encompases a broad array of processes and strategies to prevent any sort of interference. We carry out all forms of security, CCTV and access control upgradation works including installation of new systems. This can include replacement of existing cabling, camera devices and access control equipment.
Smart Hands, Technical Moves, & MAC
Our Smart Hands service provides onsite management, custom installations and equipment troubleshooting assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. Our services are enhanced by offering complete de-racking and re-racking solutions. Our skilled technical engineers can work across a multitude of hardware platforms including server, storage and network equipment.Our services include creating patching schedules, weekly personnel logs, earthing and grounding of racks, etc. In addition Our IT team regularly performs moves, adds and changes (MAC) to ensure equipment is up-to-date and continues to work as effectively as possible.

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