We have a solution for everything – even IITian’s dilemmas

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We have a solution for everything - even IITian's dilemmas

All those graduating from an institute as prestigious as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) are usually faced with two work options: join the corporate world that beckons with an enviable pay package and fancy perks or tread the oft beaten track where innovative ideas that can change the world are encouraged and implemented.

A lucky few are able to do both. When they join STL.

Like Shivi Dixit, one of the toppers in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur did. Shivi of course had a clear advantage and an easier answer to this dilemma because of the internship stint he had done at STL. While there, he had the opportunity to explore his interest in fibre network by putting his undergrad learnings to work and interacting with the best in the field. The exposure and experience made him realise that this was where impactful projects, working towards the building of new-age data networks that would connect the world at the speed of light, were happening.

And he knew right then that he wanted to be a part of that future.

After that choosing between a typical corporate organisation and a company where he felt he could make a creditable difference, didn’t seem like such a difficult task- even though the former came with a 30 percent higher pay packet.

“Despite the serious nature of our job, STL is a fun place to work in. We play with technology, research, develop processes, create automation, design, work on projects, bots and so much more. The exposure, the people and the informal encouraging culture at STL makes me want to stay here forever. It’s super cool to to be at a place that’s like a home away from home,” says the techie, who cherishes the learning as much as the family feeling he gets at STL – a company known for encouraging bonding and bonhomie amongst its employees as much as it motivates them to break technological boundaries and be innovative.

In 2019, STL in fact had several other IITians join its fold after graduating from their hallowed portals. To all of them we’d like to say – We are so happy to have you in the STL family. Be sure, you made a sound decision in your brilliant heads by listening to your heart! 

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