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Kakinada has out smarted criminals

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What makes Kakinada a port firmly anchored in the future? Just one smart choice The beautiful port city of Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, now has a beautiful life too. The traffic is more controlled, the environment more amenable and public safety perceptibly enhanced. The smartest technology in the world is always one that uplifts the […]

Democracy is in a country’s fiber

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Mahanet, with STL, will give thousands of gram panchayats in Maharashtra a level playing field, by empowering them digitally. Optic fiber cables were not the only things lying coiled on the ground in Chandrapur. There were also the snakes. Driving through jungles of Tadoba wild life sanctuary, the big challenge was to find a clear […]

It beat 100 cities to stand first. And it wasn’t even in the race

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Crime down by 39%, road accidents by 20%, speed violations by 12% and energy expenditure by 40% – Welcome to the new Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India. Smart cities aren’t just a buzzword anymore. Thanks to new technology and better connectivity they are taking over the world, one city at a time. In India this digital […]