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Let us take you through our incredible journey of innovations

  1. journey 1988


    Humble Beginnings, Bold Ambition

    With a dream to take India to the technological forefront, Anil Agarwal established a copper cable manufacturing unit in Aurangabad, India - the early beginnings of what would become STL.

  2. journey 1993


    Entering the World of Optical Fibre

    To fuel growing aspirations as a technology pioneer, STL established an optical fibre cable manufacturing unit in Silvassa, expanding STL’s capabilities as well as its horizons.

  3. journey 1995


    The First Chapter in the STL25 Story

    We established our first optical fibre plant in Aurangabad, India - a move that would define STL’s identity for the next 25 years.

  4. journey 2004


    A Growing Portfolio of Customer Needs

    To fulfil ever-evolving customer needs, a data cable manufacturing unit was set-up in Dadra, adding breadth to STL’s growing portfolio. The unit remains one of India’s most advanced speciality cable manufacturing facilities, to this day.

  5. journey 2012


    Making Inroads Globally

    Expanding our global footprint, STL’s first overseas manufacturing unit was set up in Haimen City, China. The greenfield facility was a result of a joint venture between STL and Jiangsu Tongguang Communication Co. Ltd. (TGCl), to fulfil China’s 100 million fkm annual demand for optical fibre.

  6. journey 2013


    Next Destination, Brazil

    Furthering our global strategy of building complementary partnerships in key geographical locations, STL formed a joint venture with Conduspar Condutores Eletricos Ltda. to establish a second overseas manufacturing unit in Curitiba, Brazil.

  7. journey 2015


    Becoming An End-to-End Solutions Provider

    With the acquisition of Elitecore Technologies, STL’s goal was to diversify beyond the infrastructure vertical, and provide end-to-end solutions to its Telco partners. This allowed STL to offer industry leading software solutions for operations support, business support, and revenue management.

  8. journey 2017


    Building a Future-ready STL

    At STL, Innovation is in our DNA. To research and build accessible network technologies of the future, STL set up ‘Centre for Smarter Networks’ at Gurgaon, India. The centre is a part of STL’s growing list of innovation centres, which have collectively contributed to 376 patents over the years.

  9. journey 2018


    Italy Comes Calling

    In line with STL’s identity as an end-to-end global technology leader and integrator of digital networks, STL acquired Metallurgica Bresciana - an Italian specialised optical cable manufacturer. The move greatly augmented our access to strategic European markets and opened new pathways for STL.

  10. journey 2019


    Made in India, for the World

    With a vision to make India the digital capital of the world, STL undertook various strategic initiatives in 2019:

    Building one of the world’s largest greenfield semiconductor-grade optical fibre preform plants - Gauav, in Aurangabad, India.
    Acquisition of UK-based Impact Data Solutions (IDS) to strengthen our design and deployment offerings for hyper scale data centres
    Strategic partnerships with various entities like TIP, ONAP, O-RAN, and ONF to create higher-speed, lower cost, more secure, programmable, and more reliable networks for the future.
  11. journey 2020


    Converging Networks for the Market

    STL made yet another strategic investment in ASOCS - a developer of open, disruptive, and virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) solutions, delivering 4G and 5G for cellular networks. This allows STL to offer end-to-end capabilities for a converged network, i.e. both wireless and wireline, and deliver full-stack solutions to enterprise and telco customers.

STL Tech Products & Solutions

enabling a digital-first future

STL 25
Lead 360
A transformative approach to hyperscale network modernisation.
Fttx Mantra
A unified solution that converges design capability, fiberisation and virtualisation.
Network modernisation solution for end to end integrated hyper converged network.
A comprehensive solution which includes an innovative range of connectivity products.
pFTTx is an SDN-NFV, micro-services oriented, cloud-based network solution.
True Ribbon
A fully backward-compatible ribbon cable that powers data centres.
A convergent policy and charging solution for all network types.
Next Gen Microlite
World's slimmest 576F optical fibre cable made with 200um bend insensitive fibre.
World’s first G.657.A2 macro bend-insensitive optical fibre, compatible with legacy networks.
Industry’s first end-to-end solution for critical infrastructure security.
STL garv
STL GARV is a multi-functional and easy-to-use digital access point that is designed for enabling rural citizens to benefit from the internet.
dWi-Fi is a pre-integrated and modular platform to manage and monetise Wi-Fi, while offering superior user experience.
YogaLite Cable
Innovative optical fibre cable design with tool free strippable micromodule technology.
A cloud-based radio access network solution for creating an open, disaggregated and virtualized 5GC solution aligned with 3GPP.
Intellza, the intelligent data platform, is a scalable data powerhouse solution offering unified data storage, integrated analytics, and intelligent search abilities.
A carrier-grade, convergent BRM system that enables next generation data, voice, and video services over wireline and wireless networks.
Network Orchestrator
AI-ML enabled orchestrator providing inherent intelligence to network operations, aligned to ONAP with standards specs defined in ETSI, ORAN.
A closure solution, optimized for high count ribbon Fibre cable.
A future-ready platform for intelligent billing management.
RAN Intelligent Controller
Near-real time RAN Intelligent Controller (nRT-RIC) is a critical component in enabling open and virtualized RAN.
Neox is a product of STL specializing in Billing and Revenue Management, Wi-Fi & Packet Core Solutions - AAA, PCRF, DSC.
A web scale platform to automate customer management and operations while providing new customer insights.
BOW-Lite (E) Cable
An innovative optical fibre that offers maximum bend resilience at minimum bend loss.
A unique solution enabling power and data transfer together to cater to the demands of edge-network assets.
A network design philosophy to catalyse sustainable digital transformation at scale.
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STL Success Stories Success Stories

of integrating digital networks

7x Deployemnt
7x Deployment speed in establishing intrusion proof smart defence network
Despite the challenges of rugged terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, and scarcity of skilled resources, we completed a $350 million project for creating the world’s largest intrusion-proof smarter network infrastructure in J&K state of India for the Indian Army. 10,000 Kms OFC network with 25+ years of network life, with mission critical service support during cyclones.
3x Deployemnt
3x Deployment speed for a transformative digital inclusion project
Using the unique STL LEAD 360TM approach to connect 17 million people and 4,045 villages in the state of Maharashtra. A future-ready 20,000+ fkm optical fibre network, built using IP MPSL architecture, robotics, big data, and advanced analytics.
Network Modernisation
Network Modernisation across 1600 sites for achieving digital supremacy for defence
A $500 million multi-year project to design, execute, operate & maintain the Indian Naval Digital Network. An independent high capacity end-to-end communication network, linking multiple naval sites and Indian administered islands.
Smart City
50% reduction in crime rate through the power of IoT in an Indian smart city
Using STL’s smart IoT-driven infrastructure to positively impact 325K lives in Kakinada Smart City in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Over 120 Km of underground optical fibre laid to support 350 city surveillance cameras, 400 free Wi-Fi access points, and 640 smart lights, resulting in reduced crime rates.
telecom networks
Synergising the two biggest telecom networks in India
The task was to bring together two of India’s largest telecom networks, while not affecting the consumers’ experience. The project involved unprecedented scale and complexity, poor inventory database, and risk of capex realisation and resource dimensioning. The result was a P-MPLS network with data centre and disaster recovery centre to define infrastructure for SDWAN. We were also able to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO)
smart WiFi infrastructure
Establishing smart WiFi infrastructure for a leading smart city
Going beyond its well-established profile as a prominent tourist destination, the city of Jaipur wanted to reinvent itself as a leader in the smart city initiative of the central government. The city envisioned a digital infrastructure that not only enhances the quality of life of its citizens, but also creates a user-friendly administration for visiting tourists. It was with this aim that Jaipur Smart City Limited, a special purpose vehicle, was set up as a nodal agency to oversee the efficient execution of the Jaipur smart city project.
smart city
Enabling India’s first smart city
Gandinagar had the vision of being an equitable urban centre that provides a high quality of life to all its citizens. Towards this vision, Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC) endeavoured to create a world-class ICT infrastructure to cater to the growing population as well as to empower the citizens to easily and digitally access administrative services.
2x Network
2x Network capacity for a leading Asian ISP
STL built a state-of-the-art high capacity fibre optic network for a leading ISP in the Philippines. Even the surge in bandwidth demand during the Covid outbreak was comfortably handled by the network, keeping thousands of businesses connected when it mattered the most.
high-speed broadband
Nationwide high-speed broadband infrastructure for leading British Telco
Crestel BSS/OSS
Nationwide service expansion for a top Asian telco
STL enabled the global front runner in 4G mobile network to achieve desired scale and customer experience through its Crestel BSS/OSS Suite offering. The solution helped enable a convergent platform in eight months of transformation time. Real-time tracking of customer usage across both (Wi-Max, 4G LTE/VOLTE) networks ensured faster turnaround times.
OFC network
Connecting 17K islands via OFC network
For a leading telecom infrastructure provider in Indonesia, STL built a vast fibre optic network, complemented by 6 reliable and secure data centres, and 11.000G backbone capacity. The project enabled 17000+ islands and over 300 ethnic groups with high-speed internet, transforming everyday living for an entire nation,
Smart Wi-Fi Offload Solution
30% reduced network congestion for a disruptive internet co.
STL utilized its Smart Wi-Fi Offload Solution for faster FTTH provisioning. Despite congested LTE network, spectrum shortage for expansion, and under-utilized WiFi access points, the project was a success with 20-30% reduction in network congestion.
faster FTTH
30% faster FTTH provisioning for a leading French carrier
We used STL Yogalite Cable with Micro-Module, for faster FTTH provisioning for a leading French Carrier. Despite challenges related to lack of manpower and time-consuming training sessions, we were able to reduce the installation time by 30%, while providing improved signal strength.
FTTx Mantra
40% cost efficient futuristic SDN ready statewide network
Using the FTTx Mantra and iCORE solutions, STL provided ubiquitous access of high speed broadband in 4.5 million homes in the state of Telangana. We were able to build a scalable, flexible, future proof, and reliable 17,000+ fkm OFC network.
FTTx solution
35% cost efficient FTTx solution for a top South African telco
Tackling the challenges of time consuming installation and expensive right of way permissions, we were able to achieve 35% reduced costs, as well as 30% faster network buildout for a leading South African telco. Other highlights include zero splicing, zero connecter points at drop locations, and upto 33% reduced trench depth.
2x faster rollout
2x faster rollout for the world’s first-exabyte network
Using STL’s LEAD 360 and FTTx Mantra offerings, STL was able to build the world's first exabyte network, for a leading South Asian telco. Despite the massive scale and tight timelines we reduced manpower requirements by 50% and provided an end-to-end full stack solution.
cable technology
Indigenously designed cable technology for a metro project
Network Infrastructure
Building a futuristic network for a Maharatna company
One of the Maharatna electric utility companies envisaged a converged, next-generation, highly secure network infrastructure for providing "state-of-the-art" services to their client base to create differentiation in the market. We designed and developed an entire IP-MPLS network with state-of-the-art data centre and disaster recovery centre to host all required applications to define infrastructure for SD-WAN for the service provider's client base.
data centre
Innovative data centre solution for a European Internet company
For a leading European internet company, we designed aninnovative Global Connect solution - low fire-hazard cable complying with the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for Data Cabling and FTTO scenarios. By providing them a world-class data centre offering, we were able to achieve optimum balance of stiffness and flexibility, maximized duct size, and ROW utiziliation.
STL Garv
27% increase in internet usage using our digital inclusion solution
We took the initiative of designing an integrated system, STL Garv, for empowering the people of rural Telangana, UP, and Maharashtra with transformational digital services. Garv is a supercomputer in the form of a kiosk that enables access to multiple coordinated digital infrastructure and services for rural communities.
33% faster FTTx for a leading South Asian telco
STL enabled the client to achieve desired scale and customer experience with an integrated end to-end fibre rollout offering for its hyper scale network powered by LEAD 360° approach. Through fibre deployment powered by design innovation, digital governance and advanced survey techniques, we were able to ensure faster and high quality project execution for building our client's Network of the future.
Enabling smart city vision for a leading middle-east telco
We used STL’s dWiFi solution for a leading Emirati carrier to enable their vision of a smart city. We created a network of 12000 access points at 165+ locations, with ultra fast deployment speed, and reduced OPEX and CAPEX. The end result is 7.5k active users availing the service with 100% uptime, and 10K+ taxis providing free WiFi to their customers.
2x faster citywide OFC network for an Indian ISP
We built a state-of-the art OFC network for a leading Indian ISP. The project utilized STL’s innovative Bow Lite (E) technology, resulting in more than 10x reduced Macro Bend loss, and a more reliable network.
hyperscale data centers
Building hyperscale data centers for a leading American Cloud Co.
Known for its design, installation, and infrastructure builds for hyper scale and colocation data centres, IDS created hyper scale data centres for one of the largest cloud providers across EMEA spanning 10 countries. The data centre achieved a capacity of 120MW, with 40% reduced build time.
Deploying world’s largest nationwide WiFi network
A leading wireline provider in India wanted to provide connectivity to underserved areas in a viable and innovative way. To that effect, it laid a nationwide fiber network, complementing it with an ambitious carrier grade Wi-Fi deployment. The result was a Wi-Fi network that is secure, flexible and easy to connect to for subscribers as well as visitors.

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STL Tech

I can validate that STL is a thought leader in optical business and its strategy of virtualised radio and FTTX is in the right direction.

Randeep Sekhon

Randeep Sekhon,


STL Tech

Now we are fully convinced to partner with STL because of your technical skill set, installing capabilities and production strength. We wish to do more work with STL in the future.


Group VP, Supply Chain
French Carrier

STL Tech

We are ready to make a joint venture with STL as an exclusive partner for network build for the next 10 years.


British Telco

STL Tech

STL has been our partner since inception. As we enhance our value proposition for our customers, STL as our network partner is enabling the reach of our digital sol. to the last mile.

Anuj Jain

Anuj Jain,

President Network & Fibre

STL Tech

We have been working with STL for the last 5 years and we have grown a tremendous business together. The partnership has worked out amazing for us.

Susanne Stengade

Susanne Stengade


STL Tech

I can't explain how impressed we were by STL. It is good to know that the investment we are making is going to be sustainable for the long term.

Ewald van der Westhuizen

Ewald van der Westhuizen,

Regional Director

STL Tech

We can really witness how evolved STL is from the glass to the actual implementation and application of the networks and products in the networks. I haven’t witness this ever in my life before.

Hendrik Wilkens

Hendrik Wilkens,

Head Product Mgmt.

STL Tech

The Fibre tech, deep vertical integration, and interesting product line create an opportunity for partnering in the future.

Stefan Spaelter

Stefan Spaelter,


STL Tech

It is really exciting to see the growth in 5G. There is a shift that is required towards bringing the adoption of wireless connectivity and I congratulate the entire STL team for being the growth-driver of this industry.

RS Sharma

RS Sharma,


STL Tech

5G Edge Mantra is a very innovative product because it brings together backhaul and front end connectivity. I hope that STL gets a good market for it and we are proud that an Indian company is doing it.

Anshu Prakash

Anshu Prakash,


STL Tech

STL has transformed itself, you have been producing stuff in India, you are major exporter of stuff that is made in India. You have innovated on your core and transformed into being an integrator of sorts.

Rajan Mathews

Rajan Mathews,

Former DG

STL Tech

STL has done a very professional job with the NCN project. We are really happy to partner with STL. STL's tech which is the best we could have ever got.”

Subashish Gantayet

Subashish Gantayet,

Indian Navy

STL Tech

We know STL as a pioneer in optical Fibre but what I found interesting is that they have moved up the value chain of connectivity with solutions at both application and access level.

Arun Valluri

Arun Valluri,

Wing Commander
Indian Air Force

STL Tech

The company has come a long way from a product company to an integrated networks solutions provider.

Tejas Mehta

Tejas Mehta,

Investment Analyst
Old Bridge Capital

STL Tech

Wishing the management the very best in achieving their targets and creating shareholder value

Parin Gala

Parin Gala,


STL Tech

STL's programmable network function suite across wired-wireless network deployments running on top of VMware Telco Cloud, keeps us in an advantageous position to support our mutual customers.

Gabriele Di Piazza

Gabriele Di Piazza,

VP, Solutions & Marketing

STL Tech

STL is sitting on a sweet spot (a non-chinese digital network builder), where if STL takes right actions, it can grow 10x.

Global TMT,

Bain Consulting

STL Tech

STL technology develops and delivers optical communication products, and network and system integration services



STL Tech

We are thrilled to partner with STL, their staunch focus on technology and strong customer relationships will go a long way in delivering flexible and innovative solutions to customers.

Gilad Garon

Gilad Garon,


STL Tech

In the coming years I see lot of the India companies playing a role which they would have never played in the past, specifically Infrastructure company like yours.



VP and President

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