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  • Launch of Smart City Services by
    Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation with Sterlite Tech

Sterlite Technologies transforms everyday living by empowering people with high-speed data through smarter networks. Today, data is the driver of security, productivity and growth, and our Smart City solutions suite ensures that data is available anytime, anywhere. We bring decades of experience in fibre optics and telecommunications infrastructure, and collaborate with multiple global partners to provide the best technologies of today and tomorrow.

Our Smart City solutions ensure high performance through unique silicon-to-software capabilities.Extensive research and development initiatives, constant innovation and the proven ability to design, build and manage challenging projects like the Network for Spectrum in Jammu and Kashmir and successful Smart City implementations in Gandhinagar and Jaipur make Sterlite Tech a partner of choice for Smart Cities in India.

Our Smart city ecosystem addresses the interests of diverse communities by implementing state-of-the-art integrated solutions that include fibre backbone, long-range low-power wireless platforms (LoRa networks), Internet of Things (IoT) platform, sensors and applications. This combination assures the seamless and sustainable transformation of the unconnected to the hyper-connected.

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With the accomplishment of Gandhinagar as India's first Smart City, the transformation of Jaipur into Smart Jaipur, and Kakinada’s road to becoming a successful Smart City, Sterlite Tech is at the forefront of the Smart Cities revolution in the country.

Core Infrastructure Elements of a Smart City

Core infrastructure elements of a Smart City:

  • - Adequate water supply
  • - Assured electricity supply
  • - Sanitation, including solid waste management
  • - Efficient urban mobility and public transport
  • - Affordable housing, especially for the poor
  • - Robust IT connectivity and digitalization
  • - Good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation
  • - Sustainable environment
  • - Safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly, and
  • - Health and education

The Sterlite Smart Cities Solution

Sterlite’s Smart Cities Solutions and Services Suite presents a start-to-end approach that enables fastest network rollout that is scalable and future proof with seamless System Integration with best in class OEMs. A Smart Solution for a Smart City!

The solution includes a state of the art Command and Control Centre (CCC) where the entire city’s information is collected, viewed and analysed through an integrated video wall. The solution includes elements such as sensors, cameras, smart signalling and parking systems, smart metering, solar powered lights, air and water quality monitoring sensors and city surveillance systems. Our e- Governance, e-health systems include platforms for citizen engagement and services such as tax payments, grievance redressal online medical consultation, etc.

Command & Control Centre

Sterlite Command & Control Centre

A holistic and integrated Command Control Centre will include Video surveillance system, Video Management Software, Video Analytics and Operation Command Control Center. Geographic Information System (GIS) based Command & Control Decision Support System plays a vital role in assisting Public Safety and Law Enforcement organizations to monitor, manage, plan and execute the real-time management tasks effectively. This system offers sustainable solutions to Departments for planning safe areas. The GIS based Decision Support System solves the functional requirements to build the end-to-end solutions and enhances the operational efficiency.

Smart Communications

Sterlite Smart Communication

One key element of smart cities is easy and ubiquitous WiFi access for the citizens. Popular places like tourist destinations, railway and bus stations, important shopping areas etc. would have free internet facility for the citizens to enjoy.

  • Outdoor / Indoor Access Point
    Access Point
    Outdoor or Indoor
  • WLC - Wirelees Access Controller
    Wireless Access Controller
  • AAA, DHCP,Billing System
    AAA server, DHCP server,
    Billing system
  • NMS System - Management System to control
    Management system to control

Smart Transport

Smart Transport in City

Our innovative approach provides Smart Transport Solutions to help manage traffic congestion.

Typical Elements of the Smart Transport System
  • Automatic Vehicle Location System
    Automatic Vehicle
    Location System
  • Automatic Fare Collection System
    Automatic Fare
    Collection System
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Parking System
    Mobile App


E-Governance of Smart City

Sterlite looks at Smart City solutions from a holistic standpoint where the smart systems actually increase the efficiency of the Government programs and helps them reach its beneficiaries – The people

Platform for citizen engagement: Web‐presence, interaction, transaction and transformation.

Kiosks: The Interactive Kiosk Experience Platform comprises of Hardware based Interactive Clients (a set of interactive computing and collaboration devices), a management platform, collaboration applications, and a network infrastructure to deliver web-based applications and multimedia content through interactive displays and kiosks to Citizens.

  • Kiosks
  • Platform for citizen engagement
    Platform for
    citizen engagement

Smart Water and Solid Waste Management

Smart Water & Solid Waste Management

Smart sensors and sensor-level M2M technology can be deployed for waste management where the sensors communicate to the waste management authorities. It can tell them whether the container is at full capacity, when it needs to be emptied, what temperature the container is at, etc., allowing the authorities to work more efficiently.

Smart Environment

Smart Enviroment

Some of the key elements of a Smart Environment system are

  • Air Quality Control
    Air Quality Control
  • Water Quality Control
    Water Quality Control

These Sensors / Smart Meters will be connected to the IoT Platform by their respective Gateways (GSM or LoRa or others). The meter management and device data aggregation would be performed in the IoT platform. Subsequently Smart Metering applications will pull data from the IoT Platform via APIs.


Sterlite Smart Utilities Solution

Sterlite Integrated Smart Utilities solutions enable a utility to monitor and control the electric grids using intelligent feedback. This increases the reliability and efficiency of the electric system. Some of the Sub systems in a Smart Utility Solution include:

  • Smart Meters
    Smart Meters
  • LED Street Light
    LED Street Lighting


Sterlite Smart Surveillance

The Sterlite Integrated Smart Surveillance Solution improves city monitoring and helps leverage existing resources to enable security services with greater efficiency.

Key elements of a Smart Surveillance system are:
  • Camera
  • Video Management System
    Video Management
  • E-Challan
Working of Central Control System

The surveillance cameras will stream live video feed directly to the Central Control Room. This streamed video feed will get recorded at Central Control Room itself. The Video Retention of all cameras and events will be stored for some defined number of Days. The Video Analytics Software can support lots of Analytics such as Tripwire, Object classification, Camera tampering detection, Loitering, Multiline tripwire, Perimeter Fencing etc. Video Management System is a suite of video management applications comprising of Operations Manager and Media Server that utilize the network as a platform for delivery of live streaming as well as recorded video from video endpoints to end users at client endpoints. Video traffic requires a significant amount of storage space for recording and as such is the most dominant factor to consider when designing IP Video Surveillance environments. External storage is supported using fiber channel SAN devices. These devices can scale up in excess of 100TB per appliance.

Helpline/ Emergency

Sterlite Tech Smart Healthcare

HelpDesk: Helpdesk in a CCC would be one of the most important pillars for an E2E Service. A typical Helpdesk application would have an Automatic Call Distribution. It would display Customer Information; have Ticket Management System with Auto escalation of pending tickets after certain time period. Integrated search module based on Mobile Number, IMEI, Email ID, Ticket Number etc. It would integrate with mail server for sending updates to customers and also integration with SMSC for sending SMS updates to customers. It would also have Integrated Reporting engine for custom reports.

The Sterlite Advantage

  • Experience and expertise in very large scale telecom and power infrastructure project management
  • We understand network communication needs and issues due to our extensive network planning, design & deployment experience and translate that into suggesting best-optimised solutions
  • Experience of close to three decades in designing & manufacturing communication products
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art R&D facilities work towards creating next generation high bandwidth networks for future needs
  • Our Multi-Partner ecosystem approach ensures that our customers get benefitted by world’s best technologies and products and ensures fastest network integration time
  • Our customised customer services and supply chain solutions help customers avoid logistics hassles

How Sterlite Can Help?

Sterlite has unique capabilities in the Smart City arena having won two opportunities: Gandhinagar and Jaipur Phase 2 which are under execution. We have expertise across all Smart City Elements as depicted below

OFC Access Passive Networks Application
OFC Product FTTH Civil IP/MPLS Security
OFC Accessories Smal Cells, IBS, WiFi MEIP Opticals OSS/BSS
UG Planning loT Access GIS NGN/IMS Cloud, DC
Aerial Planning   Physical Security SDN LoT/M2M, Bigdata
    Design Engineering Cable TV Citizen/eGov Applications
      Satellite, Microwave CDN, Caching
        AAA, PCRF, Wifi Core
        Surveillance, CCC
        Smart Utilities
        Smart Energy
        Smart Transportation
        Smart Healthcare
        Smart Education