PODS is programmable, open, disaggregated solution developed through combined effort of Open Community, STL and its partners. Our customers have an option to buy certified solution specific PODS or get those customized.

PODS drastically reduces total cost of ownership through:

Programmable Networks:

Programmability at both hardware and software levels that empowers the custodians of the network to launch new services and manage networks effectively.


Use of open API and interfaces defined by the community to bring a true vendor-neutrality aspect, which is also an essential requirement for automation.


Due to hardware and software separation, it opens up an opportunity for new players to launch the services without knowing the complexity of networking.


We are launching Fiber and Radio technology PODS. Fiber PODS come in both pFTTX and pWDM flavors that includes Fiber, White-boxes, Software platforms, and apps. Radio PODS includes disaggregated radio heads, passive components, O-RAN complaint controller and certified DUs.