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As LTE continues to soar with more and more deployments of voice over LTE (VoLTE), Operators are quickly realizing traffic management and traditional data volume metering is not enough to remain competitive, the need for creative pricing plans that match users demand and behavior, quickly and cost effectively are a must have. To realize this massive changes are needed in the policy approach, its application and integration with other functions for better monetization of rich services and growth in ARPU.

OTT players have proved that business model innovation is most important than any other form of innovation. Reflecting this savvy approach towards surging data traffic and evolution in smart devices, mobile operators in both mature as well as emerging markets are busy rejigging their OSS/BSS infrastructure and are committing substantial investments especially in the policy management solutions for their networks. Subsequently, the industry witnessed the onset of policy 3.0 era for Monetization through real time personalization.

Why the need for Replacing legacy PCRF?

Integrated Policy and Charging
Enabling monetization depends on having a seamlessly integrated Policy Management and Charging system. If these capabilities do not speak to each other and fail to be in tandem, then desired efficiency in dealing with service and application oriented charging cannot be achieved. This would limit service providers' opportunities and deprive them from enabling usage / content / application based use-cases or service plans. Consequently, they have come to seek an innovative class of evolved Policy Manager solution that can enable them With dynamic metering & real-time capabilities to deliver a more mature, service-oriented and eventually more relevant form of policy management

IT playing a greater role
The role of policy management is expanding beyond its traditional position in the network realm to encompass a new range of operator requirements, including enabling differentiated services and supporting convergence strategies. As a result, there is a trend toward policy management investment decisions being made by groups other than the network operations divisions, with IT and marketing departments increasingly being brought to the table.

Need for business agility
So far, network operators have been wielding policy control to make sure their vast share of customers get their fair share of bandwidth. However, bandwidth management and FUP plans no longer remain the yardstick towards delivering superior mobile subscriber experience. The new 'experience standard' for thriving in the midst of this rampant competition is metered rates and paying for value. Subscriber do not want operators to dictate terms, instead they have started perceiving enhanced value in having the liberty to pay for only what they want to use while also seeking absolute control in adding / modifying their usage. Therefore when it comes to agility, it's no longer realistic for operators to rely on legacy Policy model. In nutshell, Policy 3.0 agility essentially means having a leverage that can support rich apps and data services without warranting drastic changes in the core system and is pre-configured to support new ideas for innovative usage plans and Use Cases.

Scalability and Steadfast Performance
Policy performance is already experiencing massive pressure and being put through massive load of transactions, and this is before the swift explosion of rich over-the-top digital content that are likely to rule the roost over future mobile networks within the next one to three years. Equally imperative as transactional performance and scale is the capability to make the transition from bandwidth management only policies to a richer set of service-enabling policies. Since richer web 2.0 services / digital content (such as IoT, Multiplay, OTT TV etc) necessitate multiple policies to be applied in unfaltering unison, it is critical to ensure that operator's policy solution can proficiently process many more policy / charging rules even while administering far more active subscriber sessions.

NetVertex PCRF based on Elitecore CSM platform, can easily accommodate multiple technological advances like 2G,3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi etc. over its convergent framework with highest number of integrations & proven interoperability with the Top 3 Tier 1 multi vendors’ for GGSN, DPI & P-GW along with partner ecosystems worldwide. Based on a common diameter frame, ensures enhancements in diameter interface can be reflected in all products no need for separate development for PCRF, thus reduces complexity and time to market for new technologies and service roll outs when operators expands services. Integrated Policy and Charging via standard based Sy with a centralized product catalogue, single SPR and mobile self care enables operators to easily roll out new offers to market and monetize from them.

Operators can also opt for NetVertex Pre-integrated Carrier Grade DPI solution along with PCRF it is Based on standard PCC architecture , Tight Integration with NetVertex PCRF over standard Gx interface enables dynamic decision making and offers real time network intelligence. It also offers NetVertex Policy Analytics an intelligent platform for operators to monitor and analyze usage patterns, revenue patterns, traffic patterns, network performance, subscriber preferences etc through dashboard based reporting.

NetVertex PCRF can easily meet complex requirements of the operators and offer Programmable Policy Control with support for on-site customization plug-in adaptor


  • Carrier Grade Scalability and Stability
  • Smart overload protection module, protects against diameter overload.
  • Reduction in Time to Market – Service Catalog Integration with OCS.
  • Low TCO due High TPS/Core
  • Increases monetization opportunity for operator with multiple plan association feature.
  • Support for complex applications plans such as Facebook plan in short time.
  • Quick migration and experience in tier deployment
  • Cloud and NFV Ready