P Series CAT 6 Plenum Datasheet

STL Launches New Plenum-rated, Unshielded CAT6 Cable with 23 AWG Solid Conductors

STL P-Series Plenum Cable

Plenum, a space provided in buildings to facilitate air circulation for heating and air-conditioning systems, caters to the transportation of environmental air in a given structure. Unfortunately, in case of fire, high oxygen content can burn of rapidly in the plenum, causing major hazards. Therefore, it’s critical to give proper consideration to your cabling set up.

STL P-Series Plenum-rated, Unshielded CAT6 Cable with 23 AWG Solid Conductors is a milestone achievement in the prevention of fire hazards. With special insulation providing low flame and smoke characteristics, the cable successfully passed the transmission performance test with good margins. But that’s not all!

These cables are targeted at enhanced performance for transmission of high-speed data, digital and analogue voice, and video (RGB) signals on LANs. 23 AWG Solid Conductors support Gigabit Ethernet (1000 BASE-T) standard. They operate at a bandwidth of 250MHz and exceed the requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801.

CAT6 Plenum-rated cables are tested for stringent burning. The outer shield of the cable consists of FRLS (Fire retardant low smoke) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheath, providing additional protection. Moreover, these cables have Fluro Polymer insulations with Cross Separators CMP Grade Polyolefin.
STL cables have been manufactured from high-quality materials to provide adequate solutions for your organisation’s cabling needs. CAT6 Plenum-rated cables meet standard fire performance requirements, restricting flame propagation well below the standard limit. During a fire, these cables also limit the amount of smoke emitted. STL provides you with standardized 1000ft CAT6 Plenum-rated 23 AWG Cable Reel in Box.

plastic Part No.: SLITE- 2201 - Category 6 4/23 UTP Cable – CMP

STL cables provide improved transmission performance and greater resistance from external noise. As such, these cables allow for better conformation/higher headroom margin for crosstalk challenges. STL has ensured that these Plenum-rated CAT6 cables not only meet but exceed international standard limits.
NEXT (Near End Crosstalk) Test Result Reference Graph of 100 meter Horizontal link performance of CATEGORY 6 ANSI-TIA 568-C2
RL (Return Loss) Test Result Reference Graph of 100-meter Horizontal link performance of CATEGORY 6 ANSI-TIA 568-C2
Compliant Network Standards:
Gigabit Ethernet, 1000 BASE-T, 2.5GBASE -T, 5GBASE-T 100BASE TX, 100BASE T-4 100Ba- seVG ANYLAN, 155ATM, 622ATM, TR-16 Active
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