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To combat disruptions effectively, and build agility and resilience into their systems, organizations across the world are rapidly moving away from legacy processes and are redrawing their infrastructure. They are on a hyper pace to build state-of-the-art structured cabling topologies that will bring them greater bandwidth, scale, connectivity and security. Read More..

Structured cabling topologies are network cabling solutions that are set up in data centers, commercial establishments and residential complexes. They comprise individual elements, referred to as subsystems, that include cables, hardware ports, racks, network cabinets. Together, they hold the power to enable organizations make the paradigm shift in their business operations, adapt the digital and move to the cloud.

It is, therefore, pertinent that these cabling solutions are efficient and flexible, and use next-generation data cables that are smart, future-ready and capable of unleashing unprecedented performance.

STL has emerged as a global leader in manufacturing world-class data cables with its range of NetXs solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of data cables for a variety of applications in structured cabling, including customized cable designs in UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), STP (Shielded Twisted Pair), indoor and outdoor categories. Our data cables address different physical layer field applications be it for enterprise networks, data centres, healthcare, education, WiFi ,CCTV Surveillance and other building automation.

NetXs offer hyper reliability and deliver superior performance in data transmission. Customers, across the globe, have augmented their networks with NetXs superior noise immunity data cables that offer high headroom at both low and high frequencies. Read Less..

Corrugated Sheath

Innovative Corrugated Sheath

NetXs Cat6A UTP Copper cabling systems use a specialized filler design and an advanced Corrugated Technology of a jacket with defined air spaces
Unique Filler

Unique Filler to Control NEXT and ANEXT

NetXs Cat6A UTP cables are having an impeccable performance in crosstalk immunity from adjacent cables over a fully 100 meter horizontal length Section 3.3: Smaller Cable Diameter (use dummy cable image for the time being)
Smaller Cable Diameter

Smaller Cable Diameter

NetXs Cat 6A is one of the industry's slimmest cables with a cable diameter of 7.8 sq. mm.
Global Standards compliant

Global Standards compliant

The innovative design of NetXs Cat 6A UTP adheres and meets the guidelines set by ANSI/TIA 568C.2, IEC 61156-5, ISO/IEC 11801 and flammability test IEC60332-1

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NetXS Brochure

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