STD Subrack

The Optotec Sliding Trays Drawer is mainly used for patching only (patch cords, connectorized breakout cables,intra-facility cables) or for splicing loose tube cables and patching the pigtails to patch cords.

Sliding trays are used instead of front patching, pivoting ones when full easy access at both sides of the connection is required.

Within the same tray to patch a connector in a different position it is possible with a perfect control of the extra length. Accurate design and compact adapters allow to accommodate 12 termination (24 using SFF connectors) per tray. Swing-removable adapter holders make easy to access to each connection in the shelf. Kits to attach cables at the side or the back of the shelf are available.

PLC splitters as well as FBT splitters or other optical passive components can be integrated. Versions preloaded with adapters and pigtails are available.

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