SAMR-HD High Density Modules With Reduced Base

The Optotec splicing modules and their trays, are essential items on which STL's products range is based on.

Those products offer a fibre management system based on simplicity, accessibility, reliability and future-proof scalability.

Splicing modules are composed of a variable number of trays whose typology changes according to their splice protection holder type and capacity.

STL provides its own products, termination boxes, closures, subracks ect. complete of modules, depending on the customer's specific needs.

SAMR-HD modules consist in organizer trays type HD (High Density) to store the fibres and splices either for heat-shrinkable protections type or mechanical protections type.

These trays are mounted on a reduced base that permit to handle many of them into restricted and well protected space.

SAMR-HD modules are perfect solution to manage many splices into compact fiber optics enclosures like MICRODC closures, NGB1 box etc.

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