The Optotec μOTP is part of the family of compact and versatile micro closures of Optotec SpA able to meet the construction needs of the FTTx project planners.

Designed with the aim of not exceeding 2L in volume, it finds its application in NGA and FTTH networks both in aerial installation (pole and wall) and in underground installation (manholes and handholes).

All versions of the Optotec μOTP have a simple and practical fiber management system that combines the functions of joining, terminating and integrating passive components (EN 50411-2-10 hermetic muffles for fiber optic, Cat G for FTTH distribution networks).

The Optotec-μOTP, easy and safe to access, allows for the possibility of operating quickly and precisely both in the first installation and in the subsequent ones. The closure reaches up to 96 fibers spliced with the housing of 3 PLCs.

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