OP19 optical patch panel

The Optotec OP19 are patch panels made from sturdy steel plate in black color, offer maximum modularity in the management of the cabinet patching optical fibers. The supporting structure can be pulled out to allow the implementation and maintenance of all internal terminations. The front is equipped with 4 interchangeable modules chosen by the user, with a capacity adapters ST sx, SC sx, SC dx, FC, SMA, LC dx, MTRJ.

In this way the user can freely compose the configuration of the front using only one drawer also for different types of adapters. The small dimensions of the drawer (19″ 1 unit), do not penalize the density mounting.

In the configuration with 4 modules for 6 LC duplex can accommodate up to 48 fibers in a single drawer in only 1 unit.

On the back of the drawer are practiced 4 openings, two of which circular intended to receive the cable entries, and two slotted intended to receive the splitters cables. Optotec OP19 patch panel presented a wide range of accessories for the optimal organization of spliced fibers or terminated.

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