The highly versatile Optotec-micrODC closure has been designed for the FTTH network and thanks to its peculiar features comply the new market requirements: compact dimensions (<2 litres) mechanical (IK10) and waterproof protection (IP68), versatile and flexible usage (manhole, direct buried, aerial, facade installation) in outdoor environment.

It is mechanically sealed and can be optionally provided with a pressure valve. The closure is easy to open enabling the management of the cable storage with possibility of having up to 18 drop cables. Depending to the application the micrODC can be used in different configurations, in-line, butt or tap-off with simply access or re-entry.

The fibre management system offers cable fixation, protection of the tubes and positive routing for the fibres with controlled minimum bend radius of 30mm throughout the whole system. For splicing the fibres is used a standard Optotec-SAMR cassettes kit.

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