MOC Compact Optical Module

The Optotec sliding subrack (MOC) is a very popular fibre management solution. Originally developed in 1988, due to its unique design, flexibility of configuration quickly became a reference in the market. The flexibility is derived from being a highly adaptable product in terms of its internal configuration for splicing and patching or patching only, which lends itself ideally for customers with specific requirements.

The sliding drawer design allows easy access to reduce installation and maintenance time is fabricated with aluminium alloy. Both can be undertaken without the need to remove the chassis from the rack. This can be achieved by sliding the drawer to its fully extended position. The MOC’s are supplied as a comprehensive kit including all relevant installation and splicing materials.

The product can accommodate the most popular adapters and connectors. When cable is to be spliced to pigtails we can supply the patch panel with splice cassettes and pigtails kits.

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