MFB Subrack

The Optotec MFB (metallic version) and Optotec MFBP (plastic version) subracks are multifunctional fibre block designed for the optical patch panels in the central office with high density for FTTX networks.

Their design allows you to perform the patch-cord inter-connection in orderly manner regardless of the allocation of the function blocks within the structure and allows easy front access to individual termination at all level. Subracks in their various configurations, allows the splice, the termination, and integration with splitters or WDM with capacity up to 144 f.o.

Both subracks versions have a metallic structure; plastic version (Optotec MFBP) allows to fit customizable plastic trays, while the structure of metallic version (Optotec MFB) include 6 metallic trays which are customizable with different types of plastic splice array modules.

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