The Optotec GU-5 fibre closure developed by STL is a high versatile, re-enterable IP68 optical enclosure engineered for loose buffer tube, slotted core or ribbon fibre cable installation. It provides an airtight, watertight system that protects, stores, routes and organizes fibres in any environment. In particular the closure has been submitted to the tests for approval by the Italian Post Office (PTT).

Optotec GU5 fibre closure can easily accommodate butt splice applications as well as in-line configurations. The closure can accommodate up to 5 cables ingoing and/or outgoing cables and max.

5 splice organizers each of which protects, secures, and organizers up to 12 or 24 fibre splices. A maximum of 3 cable entries for each side is available.

The special calibrated (available with different diameters) silicon gaskets, which can be used as many times as necessary, provide the cable sealing and largely simplifying maintenance operations. Excellent sealing performances are achieved without use of flames, air heaters or gels and mastic for a cleaner execution.

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