Optotec-CF system is a modular frame designed as an open grid structure suitable to be installed in central offices, data-center, headends and where high-density fiber management is required.

The Optotec Compact Frame consists of a steel modular uprights that can accommodate up to 6 sub-racks for a total capacity of 864 fiber each one.

The Optotec-CF structure is highly versatile, scalable, simply to install and allow easy access to the individual sub-racks at all levels of position ensuring an easy mating.

Thanks to its peculiar design it is possible to interconnect optical patch-cords in a proper way regardless of the position, inside the structure, of the functional blocks and allow easy access to individual termination at all levels.

The Optotec-CF solution is provided with plastic routers to guarantee a minimum bending control of the fiber. All frames are surrounded/equipped by metal ducts for housing and protection of the patch-cords.

To guarantee a secure and professional installation the entire system is provided in the following format: Network Frame, Equipment Frame, Perimeter Floor Protection and Lateral Frame Protection.

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