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Optical Interconnect Kits

Due to increasing data demands, there's a dire need to create new fibre deep networks and data centres, which would encourage faster 5G and FTTH adoption. As such, it's important to consider a wide range of optical interconnect devices with bespoke designs suitable for several applications. A wide product range, with solutions like patch cords, fibre termination boxes, joint closures and fibre management systems, ensures compatibility across network bandwidths and categories. Read More..

The need for fast data speed and advancements in technology have encouraged manufacturing of varied optical interconnect solutions. However, even faster adoption is required, and as such, network providers need to rely on high quality, flexible, and agile products to enable data centres and networks to meet requirements. With quite a few options in the market, it's a time consuming process.

STL's range of optical interconnect devices are targeted towards specific needs of networks and service providers, making it easier to scale up fibre deployment. STL's high quality optical interconnect devices, in the domain of Exchanges, OSPs, Distribution & Access products, and Customer Premises products, enable faster and reliable connectivity. With our range of products, you can build networks with ultra-fast high speed broadband in the shortest possible time. STL's passive connectivity solutions have been supporting fibre deployment for global telcos, defence networks, citizen networks, and other service providers. Read Less..

Increasing Data Demands

Mandating creation of new fibre deep networks and data centers

Need of the Hour

Products suitable across different network types and applications while being compatible with existing tool, equipment and other product types

Custom Design
Faster bespoke designs made available for wide application range

Central Office
Data Center


Central Office

Data Center

5G Fronthaul

Backbone Network


Mobile Backhaul

Access Network

5G Small Cell

Wide Product Range

Ensuring compatibility across network and product types

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