Broadband is the foundation for thriving communities. High speed connectivity drives online education, work, shopping, entertainment, and healthy living. The demand for optical fiber networks has never been greater. Some say that more optical fiber cable will be needed in the next five years than what has been deployed to date.

STL is one of the industry's leading fiber optic manufacturers with a 25+ year innovation track record and customer base in more than 100 countries. STL's wide range of end-to-end fiber optic solutions includes multi-loose tube cable, micro duct cable, and ribbon cable. As a portfolio designed to minimize space requirements and ease installation, STL's fiber optic solutions are preferred by network engineering and operations teams around the world.

25+ Year legacy in Fiber Optics

Since 1995, STL has been connecting the world and its people with the best optical fiber solutions. From the first optical fiber plant in India, STL has state-of-the-art production sites across Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. STL is committed to creating a world with next-generation technologies that transform everyday living.

Drop Lite Single Jacket Flat OFC
Multiport Service Terminal

Opto-Blaze is a plug and play solution for FTTH connectivity. The Opto-Blaze Multiport Service Terminal (MST) is a device needed in the access network to quickly connect the Fiber Distribution Hub with subscribers. It is available in a 4-port, 8-port or 12-port configuration with or without preloaded splitters.

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Drop Lite Single Jacket Tonable Flat OFC
Connectorized Drop Cable

Opto-Bolt is pre-connectorized drop cable (one fiber) needed to connect the MST with the subscriber’s residence.Cables are available in multiple lengths and can be supplied as either a single connector with a cable stub end or with a connector on both ends.

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Expanding capacity in
North America

In 2022, STL established its first U.S. cable manufacturing plant in Kershaw County, South Carolina.
The plant:

  • is strategically located closer to the customers in the region for speedier delivery,
  • increases manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for fiber,
  • minimizes the carbon footprint with in-region logistics and transportation, and
  • creates more jobs in the region.

A commitment to
Quality and Building
a sustainable future

Our robust resources, systems, and processes are in place to ensure we build solutions to last while minimizing the impact to our planet.

  • The Americas manufacturing center has a dedicated on-site IGI lab for the inspection and testing of all incoming raw materials
  • Fiber optic cables meet the operational and environmental installation standards per GR-20
  • Site and solutions are compliant with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 for quality, environment, health and safety - Site is on the way to zero waste to landfill
  • Energy management systems and sensors curtail electrical consumption

A Diverse Team of
Industry Leaders

As a growing, global company, we have experts across a variety of functions to better design and serve our customers. Our team includes industry leading professionals in business development, EHS, engineering, field application engineering, HR, IT, maintenance, marketing, operations, quality, supply chain, and sales.

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World Class Professionals

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