Network transformation is happening to embrace cloud delivery models:

Networks are evolving, becoming dynamic entities and more open every day. As these network transformations occur on a global scale, network operators need the tools and talent necessary to gain greater control, cost efficiencies, visibility, automate key network functions, and hence deliver top-notch customer services and experiences.

Software driven solutions are taking the front seat:

Networks have been built by static, large, vertically integrated boxes with monolithic codes and proprietary interfaces. These are expensive to procure and maintain and don’t allow flexibility to launch new services quickly using automation, open and software principles.

At STL , we are developing PODS which will break these barriers and will provide vendor neutral solutions.

PODS is Programmable, Open, Disaggregated Solutions developed through a combined effort of open communities, STL and its partners. It leverages cloud based technologies to deliver software defined vendor neutral networks.

  • Programmable : Programmability at both hardware and software levels empowers the custodians of the network to quickly launch new services and manage networks effectively.
  • Open : Use of open API and interfaces defined by the community to bring a true vendor-neutrality aspect, which is also an essential requirement for automation.
  • Disaggregated : Hardware and software separation at different layers opens up an opportunity to quickly launch the services without getting into the complexity of networking
  • Solutions : We have based our solutions on above three principles, and those solutions are on the access, transport, and cloud sides of the network.

Collaboration with leading open communities:

  • ORAN Alliance: ORAN is an open source group established to define requirements and help build a supply chain eco-system to evolve radio access networks around the world. STL is working very closely with ORAN to build near real time 5G controllers. With our Programmable, Open, Disaggregated Solution (PODS), we are contributing our capabilities and expertise to build future RANs on the foundation of virtualised network elements, white-box hardware, open and standardised interfaces. Once developed, our near-real time controller will help the Alliance operators accelerate the development and commercialisation of 5G networks globally.
  • Open Networking Foundation: ONF is a pioneer in open source domain that aims at promoting networking through software-defined networking and standardizing the Open-Flow protocol and related technologies. STL has been collaborating continuously in workgroups like VOLTHA (Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction), SEBA (Software enabled broadband access) and ONOS (Open Network Operating System) for productization and commercialization of these open platforms.
  • Telecom Infra Project: TIP is an engineering-focused, collaborative group for building and deploying global telecom network infrastructure, with the goal of enabling global access for all. STL has been working very closely to develop an optical transport controller to manage and control Voyager and Cassini platforms developed by TIP members.
  • Open Network Automation Platform: ONAP is an open source group that provides a comprehensive platform for real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions. It will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly automate new services and support complete lifecycle management. STL has been contributing to ONAP in fields of orchestration and cloud management in this domain.

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