Digital Business and Revenue Management

Bills. Bills. Bills. With the unprecedented growth of telecom services, CSPs deal with limitless financial transactions. For many CSPs, legacy billing systems are starting to become irrelevant. A major reason for this is that these systems do not provide the capabilities required by today's IP Address based real-time micro-services platforms.

The sunk-cost fallacy

The cost of maintaining legacy networks hurts CSPs the most. And this cost can be a huge burden at a time when most telecom players are vying to improve revenue margins and remain economically viable by optimizing their operating outflow. They face facing a multitude of challenges from services, network, value chain and new business models.

A flexible, convergent platform

STL's dBRM is a carrier-grade, convergent BRM system that enables next generation data, voice and video services over wireline and wireless networks. It delivers an end-to-end billing solution that acts as a competitive business driver while preventing revenue leakage, two critical factors in a multi-technology, multiservice world. It offers end-to-end ecosystem, from mediation and provisioning, to real-time rating, convergent billing, invoicing, partner management and customer care to CSPs markets.