Network Operations Platforms

Whether you are a Telco planning to roll out 5G and WiFi 6 services or a CSP on the verge of Platformification, Network Operations efficacy largely determines your success. Especially in light of the adoption of cloud-based infrastructure, IoT, SaaS applications and pervasive connectivity, where network resources are spread across different domains and vendor technologies, physical and virtual elements, old and new systems, manual and automated processes, Telcos have become a super complex operator ecosystems. It is ever more critical to have a reliable and sophisticated set of solutions to power your operational finesse to manage, respond and adapt to ever dynamic demands and fulfilment. We at STL have engineered these products and solutions for just that and more: Read More..

dPCRF - Digital Policy and Charging Rules Function (dPCRF) enables Telcos in becoming more responsive to competitive market dynamics and changing consumer preferences by providing a single interface for modelling and launching product offers in near real-time. It empowers DSPs to achieve total control on network usage, service differentiation and subscriber management policies.

dSP - Digital Service Provisioning (dSP) is the future-ready, carrier grade, Services & Network Provisioning platform that ensures BSS and OSS layer consistency. It is the most stable, cloud-ready provisioning platform that simplifies Service Lifecycle Management via integration with various northbound and southbound applications. dSP can easily handle service provisioning requests volume of Tier 1 Telcos with more than 30 million subscriber base while guaranteeing Zero Order Loss of the data, voice and video services.

dWiFi - dWiFi is a comprehensive WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) that makes smart offloading, WiFi Monetization, WiFi Calling and In-flight WiFi possible. It empowers Telcos to leverage carrier-grade WiFi as an integral part of their heterogeneous network services to improve spectral efficiency and offer bundled-plans. The future-native dWiFi platform enables Telcos to create differentiating services across various verticals such as public, enterprise, retail, education and hospitality and generate new revenue streams.

Intellza - Intellza is an intelligent data platform which includes unified data storage, integrated analytics and intelligent search abilities for enhanced user experience and meaningful insights. It helps deliver diversified use cases in data monetization, customer experience, network optimization and regulatory compliance. It is a home grown AI-driven analytics engine that powers STL’s portfolio of products such as dTelco, dEnterprise, dEP, IPLMS and WiFi Monetization etc.

IPLMS - IP Log Management Solution (IPLMS) is a fully automated one click software solution that offers CSPs a web based system to provide end-to-end information for suspected users and incidents. It intercepts, monitors, stores and analyses subscriber data from mobile, fixed and ISP networks to gain meaningful insights and provide details of suspicious communications to law enforcement agencies. Read Less..

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