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Optical Connectivity Solutions

In this era of digitization, data has the power to change the world.
While data continues to fuel innovation and technological
advancement, the world has started to witness unprecedented
growth in internet connectivity.

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Hyper-Scale Networks

The world is going hyperscale. Hyperscale networks will create
superfast digital highways, fuel digital revolution and connect
billions of humans and devices. Hyperscale networks demand
massive fiberization.

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Next-Generation Scalable Network

With an aim to create multi-gigabit access networks, Telcos and
Enterprises across the globe are looking to build converged data
networks that are reliable, scalable, resilient, and can support
wireless and wired connectivity

Future–Generation Enterprise Networks

Aging networks create several challenges - including lesser revenue,
higher failure rates, lack of standardisation, interoperability, and
compromised network security. Legacy networks severely limit the
ability to respond to changing customer expectations, and hence
reduce the business opportunities.

Next Gen VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) Platform for MVNOs

With MNO's declining voice revenues due to increased usage of voice over OTT, competitive voice tariffs, improper indoor coverage and upheaval of network due to clogging, operators are looking for growth and profitability from data. However, growth in data revenue alone cannot cover the decline in voice revenues without extending voice services over data. Read More..

Today’s subscribers across segments are well aware of WiFi usage advantages. Their smartphones and other mobile devices are ‘WiFi aware' by default and geared towards better WiFi coverage automatically. In addition, Calling over WiFi (VoWiFi) is gaining grounds around the world and on the way of being new normal in the telecom space.

In the new ways of organizing work, business, and life post COVID, VoWiFi becomes the preferred choice for subscribers as well as operators. Operators can generate additional revenue by offering VoWiFi enabled plans to frequent travellers while subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted voice calls without bill shocks through any WiFi network in foreign land.

Given this situation, Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) holds great potential for network operators and an incredibly cost effective provision for subscribers. And with STL game changing WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) Solution, operators can capitalize the new dynamics of WiFi Calling along with the roaming market. With our pre-integrated and modular platform, along with the largest vendor interoperability, STL dWiFi WiFi Service Management Platform enables MNOs to drive a converged solution for VoWiFi. It also enables VoLTE users to offload to WiFi networks seamlessly by integrating with the operator's EPC core network, offering a smooth transition of voice from WiFi to cellular network.

STL VoWiFi platform includes converged 3GPP AAA for data and voice services, EAP-SIM / AKA, Non-SIM devices authentication, pre-integrated SIGTRAN stack supporting MAP gateway allows integration with mobile network elements such as the HLR. It also includes policy control and charging that helps in policy-based information fetching and decision-making to derive better QoS for the operator. Read Less..

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