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Fibre Roll Outs


Hyper connectivity is happening now and networks need to go hyperscale! How will we achieve hyperscale network modernisation at the speed of light? The world needs a ‘fibre edge’ to create smarter networks! Deep fiberisation is the answer to the digital imperative that we face.

But has it is own challenges and that is why you need a magic potion combining cutting edge technology, sophisticated service engineering and the best people-process matrix.

Starting from the most advanced and exhaustive geo technical surveys and microscopic route and front-wise planning, to flawless on ground execution, the STL Way of fibre roll outs brings unsurpassed quality rigour to each and every step of the process.

With STL as your fibre roll out partner, you can be rest assured of top quality roll outs in the toughest terrains and the most challenging regulatory environments.


  • Faster roll outs
  • Cost optimisation
  • Quicker time to market, hence faster network monetisation
  • High quality network
  • Reduced repair and O&M cost

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