Data Network imperative for the modern day data use case

Today, digital use cases are popping up like mushrooms on a rampage. And yet, there is no dearth of consumers, who are still hungry for more of it. Data is the new delicacy. The onus of ensuring reliable and ready access to it thus falls on the networks. There is immense pressure on enterprise networks to help enable the performance of almost all technologies that sit on top.

As enterprises expand their networks to meet the growing requirements of data growth, CSPs struggle to manage their existing network infrastructure

Challenges CSPs face with present network infrastructure

One careful look at today's networks and it'll be difficult to not notice a sense of a certain structure, one that has followed a 'build-on-top-of-legacy' approach. As a result, there is a huge scattereing of resources in networks that have run their lifecycles and yet, CSPs pay to run them owing to several unknown purposes they serve. Some of the key challenges that restrict current networks from transitioning are:

  • Unstructured approach to network development
  • Incompatibility among different parts and segments of the ecosystem
  • Low levels of automation
  • Adequate skill development

Introducing STL's NEXT Networks

A unique and proven approach to E2E Network Modernisation

  • Proven for excellence and market ready solutions at each network layer, all in a single integrated platform
  • Adoption of cutting edge technologies such as AI, ML, Predictive analytics, SDN, etc. to optimise and improve resource utilisation
  • Services ranging from conceptualisation to implementation and O&M delivered through a skilled ecosystem of ingrown talent and trusted partners.