Whatever your vision, it links back to data networks

Business and enterprises today are trying to create an enduring impact in their area of expertise. Be it P&G or Pentagon, harnessing the power of data and digitisation with interesting use cases and applications is the norm of the day. We see enormous possibilities. While some see autonomous warfare, others see fully automated supply chains or civic infrastructure. These possibilities will be converted into realities on the back of very competent data networks

Data networks of today are constrained

We have legacy network infrastructure, which is complex to modernise. At the same time new technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. Data networks are not able to catch up with this because they are constrained:

  • in terms of scalabilty, both in adding capacity and providing required data rates
  • In terms of network response times
  • in terms of flexibility in adapting to changing needs
  • in terms of quality of service

Design and service engineering excellence in data networks

Data networks need to be designed and built for the long haul and for unpredictability of demand. Here are some imperatives for really competent networks:

  • Network design that fulfills scale, latency, agilility, uptime and cost imperatives
  • Fast and efficient network deployment and modernisation
  • Simple orchestration and network management
  • Gradual transition towards virtualisation and software defined networks

STL is a data networks innovator which can help set up and modernise networks for the specific needs of your organisation spanning across:

  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Management
  • Orchestration
  • Modernisation