Data centre space is changing dramatically

Data guzzling mega trends like Industry 4.0, IoT, 5G and block chain are fuelling the demand for more data centres and newer models. The entire data centre value chain is now shifting, thanks to consolidation, cost control, and multi-cloud environment. New dimensions including captive, colocation, hybrid cloud, edge computing, on-demand, serverless computing and virtualization will entail innovation and automation across the board.

The challenge of achieving more with less

Data centres are growing at an unprecedented pace, not only in counts and sizes, but also in complexity. We face the classic ‘more with less challenge’ :

  • Demand side factors necessitate more white space, more rack densification, more processing power, more speed, more cabling, more cooling,
  • Defence services are looking at fiberised networks to provide secure and high speed communications
  • Given the constraints, this needs to be achieved with lower costs, less power, less energy and less hassle.

This presents a tough contradiction to solve, hence data centre design strategy assumes the greatest significance now.

STL Design-Led Data Centres (DLDCs) effectively solve these challenges

STL DLDC suite comprises of modern-day and future ready data centre services, spanning across the entire data centre ecosystem and lifecycle. Our DLDCs suite has an eye on the future and provisions or solves for all the new age imperatives for building high performance data centres.