Changing customer landscape

As customer’s digital expectations are growing it has become an imperative for enterprises and Telcos to replace their legacy networks with future-ready networks, accelerating time to market and thus achieving lasting business benefits

Challenges with legacy network infrastructure

Aging networks creates several challenges including less revenue, high failure rates, lack of standardization & security of networks. Legacy networks limits the ability to respond to changing customer expectation and reducing the business opportunities

Our Approach of resolving: Introducing STL NetMode - End to End integrated hyper converged network

A unique network modernization solution, it is a combination of software defined access, Hyper converged core, Hyperscale DC, applications and network security. The solution has the capability to design & build an end to end network.

Four Key Benefits of STL NetMode

  • Complex Integration at all working layers including access, transport and data center
  • Easy transition and migration from legacy to future ready networks
  • Interoperability and strong collaboration with multiple tech partners
  • Design engineering to achieve Higher SLA, Low Latency and Resilience

STL has successfully implemented several network modernization projects for service providers, local & state government and national Defense services.