Network Modernization Solutions

Aging networks creates several challenges including less revenue, high failure rates, lack of standardization, interoperability & security of networks. Legacy networks limit the ability to respond to changing customer expectation and reducing the business opportunities

Our Approach of resolving: Introducing STL NetMode - End to End integrated hyper converged network

A unique network modernization solution comprises of building networks connecting users to the data processing layer at DC. It is a combination of access layer connecting to the users with two separate identities, namely software defined wireless, software defined fixed access; aggregating at the converged MPLS network and connecting to the Hyperscale DC for processing & storing data.

Once the network is built, it is imperative to maintain security at all the layers and to monitor & manage the entire network, application layer plays a key role. The solution has the capability to design & build an end to end network.

Five main building blocks of Network Modernization Solution are

1. Software Defined Access: Automates user and device policy for any application across the wireless (Software-Defined Radio, Network in a Box) and Fixed Access (Ethernet and FTTx Mantra)

  • Wireless (Access Mobility): It connects to the last mile users bringing seamless experience through wireless connectivity such as Edge compute, SDR, Adhoc LTE, Network in Box (NIB).
  • Fixed Access: To bring high quality experience & time sensitive applications, the broadband connectivity & enterprise grid connectivity has been enriched through solutions like FTTx Mantra and Ethernet rings.

2. Hyper Converged Core: Creation of a core transport network of OTN/DWDM with an overlay of software defined routing based MPLS network

3. Hyperscale Data Centre: Creating a network mesh of interconnected data centres, cloud service providers and internet exchanges which is managed by an orchestration platform and our expertise in data design engineering

4. Applications: Suite of applications hosted over agile & scalable Data Center, powered by advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, analytics and automation to ensure robust business performance and maintain compliance and reporting.

5. Cyber Security: A full suite to secure end to end cyber infrastructure, threat lifecycle management solution enabling mitigation of cyber threats and attacks across end user, network, data centre, cloud and application layers.

Netmode Diagram

Key Benefits

Easy transition
Easy transition and migration from legacy to future ready networks
Interoperability and strong collaboration with multiple tech partners
Design engineering
Design engineering to achieve Higher SLA, Low Latency and Resilience

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