MSO (Multi Service Operator)

Riding the Digitization Wave across the Pay TV Value Chain
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Multi Service Operator (MSO’s) have grown in ranks with the influx of multiple cable or direct-broadcast satellite television systems. As the Pay TV industry evolves, so does the need for operators to manage TV platforms, introduce services like OTT, Digitization etc. Broadcasters and operators are challenged to find new and exciting ways to handle infrastructure loads that help them delivery premium content to an increasingly discerning customer.

STL brings its customers an MSO solution that encompasses the entire Multi Play SMP:



  • Single Pre-integrated Convergent platform for Data, VoIP and Pay TV
  • Supports Multi- tenant, JV/LCO value chain model
  • Innovative Offerings: Bouquet, ALa Carte offering, Multi Room Charging, Viewer Interactive Services such as – TV shopping, Gaming, Time shift TV, Video on Demand etc.
  • Support New Digital devices and applications
  • Zone/Partner/Reseller wise offering
  • Ease in partner management and settlement - OTT, Content Providers & broadcasters
  • Selfcare - Web and Mobile app for partners and customer
  • Middleware Independent & Network Agnostic Solution
  • NGN CRM & Multi Channel Platform


  • Successful case studies and industry experience in Content & IP domain
  • Single Convergent Stack for Multiple services ranging from Cable to Broadband to Wi-Fi, End-to-end solution combines customer management, billing, payment and ordering functionality
  • Cost-effective & highly scalable solution with GUI based configuration and bulk upload capabilities
  • Future Proof Solution, with support for Digital Satellite TV, Broadband, OTT, VoIP services
  • Transparency from Customer to Broadcaster to Partners
  • Flexibility in catalog management with quick time to market for new plans
  • Automated Field Force Management & Partner & Broadcaster Management
  • Faster sign up from Mobile Selfcare App & Web Selfcare: Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Integrated Inventory Management with pre-provisioning capabilities