Mobile Data Charging Platform (2G, 3G, LTE)

Explore New Opportunities with an Integrated Mobile Data Charging Platform
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Operators relying solely on legacy traditional billing and charging systems have experienced revenue pressures. These batch based billing systems were originally designed for circuit-switched voice services; which do not meet the needs of present day expectations and next generation services. To meet these expectations, operators need to migrate to an integrated data charging platform - a platform with integrated policy and charging.

Data Charging Solution offers a flexible platform for operators wanting to migrate to next generation data services platform. It combines the functions of an online charging system (OCS) and policy control rule function (PCRF) into one real-time product - integrated with PLM, single SPR, DPI for packet inspection, prepaid voucher and recharge system and customer self care. The solution has been engineered to deliver carrier grade performance in demanding LTE deployments.

With a multitude of features, the Data Charging Solution offers a competitive edge for operators.

  • Integrated policy management and charging solutions.
  • Comprehensive traffic detection and management that includes over 10 million URLs.
  • Self care solution that includes mobile app (MSelfCare App) and web based portal.
  • Product catalogue designed with SID, eTOM standards of TMForum and offers a single repository for any service (VoLTE + Data + Apps, Data + Content, VoLTE + unlimited data).
  • Policy and charging analytics.
  • Network monitoring tool.
  • Centralized offer management.
  • Network Convergent Solution supporting various networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Fixed Line, FTTH.
  • Real-time Policy based charging and credit control.
  • Real time policy and charging enforcement for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
  • Access control and bandwidth management.
  • Business analytics and reporting.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of mobile networks with initial deployments of a few thousand users, with rapid scalability to hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Pre-integrated platform helps in Reduction in deployment time, TCO Reduction, Reduction in customization effort, Reduced OPEX, No Latency issues.