In a world of pervasive connectivity, thriving digital is no longer a choice but a necessary foundation. It is a bygone conclusion that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) ought to look beyond traditional voice and data services and create network platforms that move the world. An unprecedented change is underway as a result of software disaggregation and open digital architecture. The cloudification journey that started on the IT side has made its way to the network & infrastructure layer. Adoption of AI, ML and Edge computing is a commonplace across the regions. The pace of change is further accelerating with multiple industry bodies like ORAN, TIP and WBA joining hands to make sure that standardization and openness of the architecture are never compromised.

In this new normal, you need Digital Transformation that ensures the speed, agility and resilience required to take on the demands of the next normal. With STL NSW Portfolio, you have Everything Stack to capitalize on the rapid evolution of open architectures, 5G, WiFi 6, cloud models, platforms, and most importantly, the permanent shift in customer behaviours. Create new-age digital services, build new business models and open up new revenue streams-we are always with you on this journey. Modern, microservices-based, cloud-native and web scale-enabled STL Network Software Portfolio makes.

Embodying the principles of these open-community and industry:

TM forum is an alliance of 850+ global digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies and system integrators. It provides an open, collaborative environment and practical support which enables CSPs and suppliers to rapidly transform their business. STL is a lifetime member of the forum and leans heavily towards open APIs, Open Digital Framework and Architecture for our innovation. We have symbiotic relationship with the forum and have been regularly contributing in terms of catalysts and other programmes.

Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) the leading body within the global wireless ecosystem, enables collaboration between service providers and technology companies in areas such as NextGen WiFi, 5G, IoT testing and interoperability and roaming. It not only promotes industry guidelines, trials and certification, but also resolves standards and technical issues. STL is an active member of WBA and STL WiFi solutions and our innovation roadmap is compliant to WBA by design.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is an open source software foundation dedicated to making cloud native computing universal and sustainable container service meshes, microservices, immutable infrastructure and declarative APIs exemplify the cloud native approach STL NSW passion for open culminates into our compliance with 12-factor CNCF framework. All our products explicitly display the financial benefits of taking the cloud native path to operators. We offer cloud native platforms with proven development methodology for telco grade, mission critical application infrastructure

ORAN is an open source group established to define requirements and help build a supply chain ecosystem to evolve radio access networks across the world. STL is working very closely with ORAN to build near real time 5G controllers. With our design and development philosophy, we are contributing our capabilities and expertise to build future RANs on the foundation of virtualised network elements, open and standardised interfaces. Once developed our near real-time controller will help the alliance operators accelerate the development and commercialization of 5G networks globally.

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