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Emergence of IP Multimedia Subsystem and Next Generation technologies and increase in roaming of users has led to technically complex solutions that need multi-dimensional and multi-party settlements. Operators need automated Interconnect settlement solutions to minimize revenue leakage and fraud and provide a more flexible and transparent system supporting multiple partners from a single platform.

Interconnect is an advanced integrated solution, offering a comprehensive platform with Partner Settlement, Wholesale Billing, Rating & Charging, Content Partner settlement, Mediation and LCR. It supports Next generation IP based, and interconnect agreements for Voice, Data, SMS, MMS, Content & VAS service (CRBT/Mobile download/VOD/Gaming/live score) etc.

Types of Services

Interconnect supports all the eminent business models comprising of Wholesale, Retail, Roaming, MVNO operations, B2B and Advanced Revenue sharing.

Business Model

Wholesale Settlement: Interconnect is the most comprehensive and robust settlement system, handling different types of traffic from simple voice to the most advanced content and data services in a single integrated platform. It helps operators to maintain and increase profit margins and comply with the broadest range of global standards

Inter partner billing is an integrated solution that offers and supports all the major trends of Advanced Revenue Sharing, Interconnect Billing and roaming wholesale settlement.

Content Partner Settlement: Content Partner Settlement supports an end to end Business Process Framework for Next Generation IP services for Voice, Data, SMS, MMS, Content & VAS service partner agreements (e.g CRBT/Mobile download/VOD/Gaming/live score) etc.

Complex multi partner relationship with Content Platform Enablers, Content Providers, Aggregators and Service Providers are managed through highly automated solution. Content Partner Settlement enables advanced Revenue share agreements, which retains partners and it also connects to new partners to the system, paving way for quantum revenue generation opportunities.

Carrier Network Access Billing: The dynamic transformation of the telecom landscape with cut throat competition and increasing pressure of Capex/Opex is driving new forms of network sharing, enabling operators for faster roll out, providing broader coverage and introducing new applications. LTE Advanced is the major outshining technology where Interconnection in LTE networks will play a major role.

Interconnect Billing system is a centralized automated solution supporting multiparty agreements with different service providers to use the network and facilitate the routing of traffic. It regulates the traffic flow through the policies defined as per business rules in the system. It manages traffic in different bins, based on business rules configured in Mediation System. Rating system supports differential rates based on the mobile operator and telecom circle. Our usage based reports, help in preventing revenue leakage and gives overview of traffic flow.

Interconnect Modules


Rating & Charging

Rating and

Partner Management


Partner Billing


Partner Web Selfcare

Web Selfcare

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Least Cost
Routing (LCR)



Business Reports

Business Report

  • Single platform supporting diverse partnership models and easy onboarding of multiple carriers
  • Multi-partner and Multi-currency support for different types of services offered for domestic and international agreements
  • Comprehensive bilateral, hubbing and refile agreement support for routing and termination.
  • Feature rich rule base rating, charging, and partner invoicing for inbound, outbound and transit traffic.
  • Automated Processes for rate updation, reconciliation to ensure revenue assurance prevent revenue leakage and improve cash flow
  • Optimum route selection based on LCR for complex business tasks of contracting, routing, network & performance management and its advanced decision support capabilities.
  • Customized Business Critical reports & MIS reports for revenue analysis and traffic analysis
  • Eases complexities in managing multi-disciplinary partners and agreements
  • Opens new avenues for revenue generation through partnerships with different partners
  • Prevents revenue leakage and ensures revenue assurance
  • Multi-vendor support/Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Prevention of Vendor lock-in
  • Faster roll-outs of new product and services
  • Flexible business models and wholesale agreements
  • Online revenue realization through Partner Web Self-care
Interconnect Billing Platform Reference Architecture